Van Halen, baby

Saw Van Halen in Louisville to open their tour. Wasn't sure what to expect, but thought the show was great. They played a few new songs, but lots of VINTAGE VH. Go seen um
I have seen VH five times over the last 34 years. Now, I only want to remember them when they were at their best.

I got their latest CD "A Different Kind of Truth", pretty sad, bad and lyrics are juvenile and sound like they were written by one. The music is simple and would be quickly dismissed if it did not have VH's name attached to it.
I agree with Tom on their new album. Very disappointing to say the least. I also saw them in concert many moons ago and they did put on an excellent show...
Ah, I fondly remember seeing them on their VHII tour. That was as good as it gets. I am kind of with Tom on wanting to keep the fond memory intact.
Have to agree...concept sounded good on paper...a return to their DLR era roots...but this is a pale, limp comparison to the original...sure Micheal was glad he wasnt invited
The lyrics are simple and juvenile. Really? Did you ever listen to this band? That is what they were/are. An adolescent Friday night party. Now they're suppose to be what? Shelly? Keats? Poe? They're just doing what they always did. What's really changed is you. If you don't like it go play Patricia Barber.
I debated whether go see this tour, but the first concert I ever went to was VH at Madison Square Garden on the 1984 tour. It was a fantastic show, and in the end I decided that's how I'd prefer to remember them. Now it's just a nostalgia act.
audiofeil, its no different than a doc's malpractice would want the same if YOU had groupies.
Jazzbo48, that is about the dumbest comparison anybody could make.

I hope your subsequent posts are not as intellectually devoid.
I agree with sonofjim, VH to me in the Roth era was good time, Friday night cruisin type music. Not every song was "Panama" or "Ain't takin bout love", but all sounded great with the T tops out! The new album has grown on me some, but it is of course, no VH1, II, or 1984, etc.

There are plenty of people who go to see the Rolling Stones, for instance, despite their best days being behind them. Go see the VH boys for crying out loud and have a good time reliving the good old days!
Disagree - I've been listening to the new CD for a few days now. It sounds like it could've been made in the 80s. I mean it sounds like Van Halen. Somehow I wasn't expecting that. It's got a few good songs. "Blood and Fire" and "Bullethead" could have appeared on "Women and Children First." I like "Stay Frosty" too; it's kind of an "Ice Cream Man" revisited.
I think "Tattoo" sucks; they shouldn't haven't opened the album with it.
But Dave's singing is good and Eddie's guitar work hasn't diminished one bit.
I just wish tour tickets weren't $170.
03-21-12: Achilles
I just wish tour tickets weren't $170.

You don't expect them to be able to afford geriatric care on $20.00 ticket prices do you? :)
Dave's not a doctor, no. But he did work as an EMT for a while. Imagine, from mega rock star to EMT. Nothing at all against EMTs but he obviously didn't do that for the big money. To see him back with the old band in good form warms my heart. This new album is not bad at all. In fact, Tatoo may be the only misstep on the whole thing. Don't be looking for culture or anything meaningful here. That's never been VH. But if you liked the old sound you'll see what an important piece of that puzzle DLR and his attitude were.