vandersteen 5a question

hi guys
have any of you who own vandersteen 5a`s change the i.c. that goes from the crossover to the amp?and if yes has there been a vast improvment
Good question. Even though it is just a couple of inches long I imagine that someone would have experimented with it.
Big difference from Cardas to A-Quest Sky. More open and top end detail-the one thing the 5a's are lacking. They need just a tad more detail on top. Heard the new model 7 or 5a(se) will take care of this-coming out soon-so Im told by my dealer.
There's going to be a Model 7? I'm kind of sad to hear that. All of us who aspire to own 5A's will now have to consider setting our sights even higher.
My Model 5 crossover box has a AQ Amazon cable going to the amp. I am not aware there is a Cardas version. Where did you get that?
Sidssp, mine, too. Maybe we have "old" ones. (?)

I asked this question when I bought mine and was assured any difference would be so negligible as to not matter. Based on the performance of mine, I'd tend to agree. I have zero problems with top end, or low end, or mid end. :-)
mine also has the audioquest,thinking of changing to virtual dynamics Revelation sigs. the best cables i think out there
My 5A's are about 6 months old and they have the Sky connection. AQ Sky and their speaker cable is the best I've tried with my system, but the cheap Anti-Cables are right up there with them.
Lets clear up some confusion:

The current Vandersteen M5HP's come with a few inches of Audioquest Sky which is their top of the line (excluding the brand new Horizon Extreme)silver air-dielectric triple balanced cable. The Sky normally comes with a 72V battery for the DBS (dielectric bias system) but that is not included with the few inch piece used to build the M5HP. Vandersteen does however still provide battery biasing via a wired connection to the Sky from the 9V battery used to bias the caps in the M5HP.

Older M5HP's used Audioquest's previous top of the line interconnect called Amazon, which was also a silver air-dielectric cable, minus any battery biasing.

I cannot imagine that there would be much benefit to replacing this 3 inch world class cable, even with some other 3 inch world class cable, not to mention that it would be rather labor intensive.
I was pleased to find my M5HPs with AQ Cheeta tails. The cables I had. The dealer knew that but I never heard that they "custom" made the filters.

Mine are balanced, so I was less concerned about what tail I got.