vandersteen 5a question

hi guys
have any of you who own vandersteen 5a`s change the i.c. that goes from the crossover to the amp?and if yes has there been a vast improvment
Good question. Even though it is just a couple of inches long I imagine that someone would have experimented with it.
Big difference from Cardas to A-Quest Sky. More open and top end detail-the one thing the 5a's are lacking. They need just a tad more detail on top. Heard the new model 7 or 5a(se) will take care of this-coming out soon-so Im told by my dealer.
There's going to be a Model 7? I'm kind of sad to hear that. All of us who aspire to own 5A's will now have to consider setting our sights even higher.
My Model 5 crossover box has a AQ Amazon cable going to the amp. I am not aware there is a Cardas version. Where did you get that?