Vandersteen Quatro Signature with Vandy dual subs?

Is anyone going this route, after deciding on a single JL it has come to my attention this may be a better option.
Can owners or those who have heard the Quatro with dual Vandy 2 subs comment on experience and performance please?
Thanks Chad

I have Vandersteen Quatro's and a single JLf113 sub. For 2 channel music I use the the Quatro's without the JL. I do not feel that they need any additional base support in either extension or volume.

I use the JL for home theater. I bypass the rears at 80HZ, run the fronts full and send the LFE to the single JL. In my room, 16x24X9, 1 JL is sufficient.

Hope this helps
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Richard Vandersteen told me personally, that he likes additional subs - he says he uses 2,3, even 4 subs not for extra bass energy, but to even out the bass. He says that if used properly like that, it makes the mids and highs way better as well.