Velodyne SMS-1 Tuning, Can you use Different subs?

Hi there, I just got a Velodyne SMS-1, I am amazed by the tuning capabilities. Sadly Im not exceptionally computer literate, just enough to get by.

I have 4 pairs of stereo subs in my house and I want to play with them
2 Peerless XXLS 12' in 1.75ish Cu. Ft. Boxes
2 Velodyne HGS 12's
2 Older Speakerlabs 12's in 2ish Cu. Ft. Boxes downfiring
and 2 custom built dual 12" subs in a compund formation (facing each other and screwed together with one out of phase) in 3.5ish cabinets.

I am wondering If I can equalize a pair on either side and have a seperate channel for a second pair stacked? It says you can do 3 subs but would that be 3 of the same subs or can I equalize each one individually?


You cannot get a stereo output AFAIK. If you daisy chain two different subs in mono, you might be able to equalize two different subs at the same time. You can store different equalization curves so that would let you set up different subs individually.
You cannot eq each one individually. What you need to do is hook them up to the 3 outputs then eg the ROOM with them all being driven. As stated above you will get a mono output fed to each one but at frequencies below 40Hz this is not a big deal.
True, if you want stereo subs you'll need 2 SMS units. The SMS is a mono system with more than one output.