I've been waiting for over 6 months for a set of xlr cables to be repaired. I was first informed it would be 6 days. Has anyone else encountered issues with repairs or new orders with verastarr? 

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One of the things that struck me was the complaints about people purchasing items second hand.  I do that a lot, and when I like them it often leads to purchases of new gear from the same manufacturer.  As an example, I bought some used Herron Audio monoblocks and liked them so much that I also ordered the Herron preamp and phono stage. 

I happen to have some Verastarr speaker cables that I purchased... you guessed it, used.  I bought them from a reputable dealer that I have purchased many items from and know that they stand behind everything they sell new or used, so I would not have had any problem getting a refund if they were defective.  They weren't and worked great.  

Before reading this, Verastarr would have been in consideration if I needed new cables.  After reading that diatribe and all the rationalizations it contained... no way, even though I think the Verastarr cables I have are pretty decent.

There are a number of ways to respond to public complaints, but I wouldn't recommend following that template.  I've seen others (Josh from TMR comes to mind) respond very professionally when their business practices have been questioned.  When I see that type of response, it makes me much more comfortable sending business their way, which I have on a number of occasions. 

@twoleftears + 1 - What an unpleasant fellow who seems to be unclear on the concept of the roles of 'retailer' and 'customer'. 

I'm not sure this is directed towards me or another person.

"For the guy complaining about the repair... why dont you tell the people I offered you NEW $1500 replacement cables for $300 because I knew I could not repair them and I’ve got a built pair ?"

I never received an email with the above offer. If you still have a copy please send/or post it. I have never "complained" about the repair. I've always been the one to reach out to you and inquire about the status of the cable repair.

If you'd like me to refresh your memory with all the emails I have, I most certainly will.

I purchased the XLR cables directly from Verastarr. The cables were sold as new for over $900.00. I don't recall the exact sum. Perhaps if MP goes over his records you will find my order?

I've taken the time to mail them back after being told they would be repaired under their lifetime warranty. I've asked for trade towards an equal-priced cable. I never received an offer for that either.

Let's close the door on this.

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I do agree Morrow is a " Different Class of cables" I find them the one’s to beat with my setup.