Vibrapods under Bright Star for VPI Scout

I'm entertaining the idea of further isolating my VPI Scout by using vibrapods under my Bright Star Big Rock 3. The table currently sits on the BigRock 3 filled with sand with a noticeable improvement over the stock top shelf of my audio rack. I wonder if placing vibrapods (# 3) would further improve the isolation? Has anyone experienced this set up? I'd appreciate any comments.
I'm using an Aries 3, do your self a favor get some Mapleshade triple points and isoblocks for clarity and much better musical enjoyment. I found a maple shelf works in conjunction with above for a super isolation system
To get better decoupling than vibrapods, use six large springs under the sandbox. McMaster-Carr P/N 96485K125. This will improve both focus and smoothness relative to the sandbox alone.

Myself, I have a the VPI Scoutmaster. First I started with a BDR kit under the table. Worked good.

Tried the Brightstar and it gave me a diffent sound, better isolation.

But I got the best result using a Gingko Cloud 11 under the VPI.

My 2 cents
I went from a Brightstar Big Rock to a Gingko Cloud 11 for my Scoutmaster. I am very happy with the results this change brought about.
Hi All,

We do not recommend any compliant material between a component and the Plinth (top plate) of the Big Rock. The Big Rock is designed to absorb and dissipate unwanted vibration and resonance from the chassis of the component. Any compliant material will impede the flow of unwanted energy out of the component.

We strongly recommend that our IsoNode feet be placed under a Big Rock for further improvements in performance.

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Barry Kohan
Bright Star Audio