Views on Siltech cables with Pass Labs Pre/Power

Looking if anyone has views / experience with Siltech cables between Pass Labs Pre and Power amps? I'm looking at "Explorer" series and maybe "Ann" series.
Other considerations I thought of were Transparent "Ultra" and Silent Source "Signature". System will be mainly digital source. Tks in advance..

PS Other recommendations welcome.
I've not heard Ultra.. but many say its where Transparent sings.. vs plus and super. I've tried plus... and not sure how much a jump super is from plus.
I have only used the XLR's, which in the Transparent line are much more expensive than RCA
I use Discovery Essence - very neutral, musical and an overall well-balanced character - hence pairing very well with Pass gear.
I have an Aleph Ono, X1, and XA30.5, as well as Bel Canto gear. I use balanced Essence cabling throughout, from source to amp, as well as Essential speaker cabling, and a Discovery power cable on the XA30.5.
Highly recommended, especially for the price!

you cannot go wrong w/ either Transparent nor Silent Source.
I have heard both cable/cords w/ Pass gear, it is simply outstanding!
I have done thousends of tests with cables in about 16 years of time. In the past I have done many tests with Siltech as well. In the last years sometimes clients have some of competitors. It is easy to compete. I am from the Netherlands. In the past demos from Slissstech were poor. I have owend the XA 30.5, 60.5, 100.5 and now I have the X-250.5. This year I will buy the new 350.8. I have done many tests with Pass as well. Audioquest is for loudspeakercables on of the best. Because you need a small and realistic dimension of instruments and voices. Also in blacks they are one of the best. I use Purist Audio powercables which are in tests by far the best for Pass Labs amps. Siltech is not good enough, you would be a fool to buy them!!
Silver is a very important part for the absolute sound. The person who does Transparent in my country had to admit that it gives a lot more air around voices and instruments. He has been here a few times for listening. Transparent only uses copper. Transparent has a nice sound, but....air around voices and instruments sets music to a higher level. Same about the extra decay, makes the stage wider and deeper. I compared many MIT cabels with Audioquest in the last year. Same thing!! Instruments and voices come also more apparent and more touchable with silver.
I am looking for something that doesn't limit anything. Just looking for something true.
I helped the distributer who did Crystal cable ealier for selling there cables. They are not in the same league as Audioquest and Purist Audio. They can only dream about this level!
Based on feedback am going to demo 1) Discovery, 2) Silent Source, 3) Purist Audio and 4) Transparent Ultra.

Tks all for feedback .. and helping this newbie...
Don't dismiss Siltech. The SQ-110 is very good, as is the G6 Forbes Lake. I still own the latter and haven't had another brand unseat it (though I find Stealth Indra and Klee Acoustics on par). I found the older SQ-110 clearly better than the 770i in my systems. Sold both, should have held on to the SQ-110. Haven't heard in my systems the brands others recommended.

Just my 2c
This thread is about what I expected... the more people who join the conversation, the more companies that get recommended. I know cables matter, I've heard that in my system, but it's so easy to end up purchasing a wire wrapped in snake oil.
The biggest problem in audio is that there are a lot more average cables than exeptional good cables. Personally I hate these products. Why? Because at the end they will give many people a lower end result of there set. Every different brand have there own qualities/properties. When you are not aware of those, you do not understand what it will bring into your set. Differences in how the image will be is huge. Same about resolution, speed, depth and even decay. When people send me a list of what they use, often I see the mistake peope make. Because of the thousend of tests I did in 16 years of time I know how the overwhole image will become. When you are not aware of the properties of your amp, source and cables. You do not know what kind of properties/qualities you need.
You are correct... i'm new to this. I'm looking for a sound that is involved, and most of all is musical to me.. and that over a long period of time doesn't decay my engagement into the musical experience.

I've Transparent and Purist arrive this week.. and will try these out. Then i plan to try Discovery and Silent Source.

I'm also planning on using same brand for interconnects and speaker wires.

I'm not sure if that is a good plan.. but its a start.
First of all you need to use music you know well. ( and like) These numbers ( about 5) you use all the time to compare. These numbers need to be different.

I have a photographic memory in sound, most people do not have. So you need to make it as simple as possible.

Test one single part ( cable) at a time. Then it is more easy to understand what it does. After that you bring in the second part. ( and so on)
yes.. i've a set list so to speak already.. i was going to do all at once.. but maybe what you say makes more sense.
You need to learn what every single part does. Because this will improve your personal skills to understand it better.

At the end you can create a better endresult for yourself.
Try Discovery, try Analysis Plus, and be aware that all of the cable dogma you will read is complete fiction. Many of the "detailed" cables you hear about are full of distortion, ringing, that folks interpret as detail and that covers up true detail.

Many of the "super smooth" cables roll off transients, thus losing lots of musical detail.

Try to ignore opinions and look for what reminds you of real music, not what the loudest-mouthed posters and reviewers say. Tread carefully, there are more snake oil salesmen in cables than any other audio sector. And THAT'S saying something, as the other sectors are far from being fiction-free.
Omsed is right about the facts that there are enough well known cable brands who give you less details.

The most irritating thing for me is those brands who make instruments and voices bigger than in real.

I learned how small instruments and voices are at the small concert room of one of my best friends. he had a concert room with a Steinway wing for about 65 people.

Brands like MIT and NBS make the stage and also instruments and voices bigger than they are in real. For me it is difficult to understand why you would buy this. I have sold them both for over 6 years of time. When people like a stage to be bigger in real I am the last who is going to say you are not allowed to find this good.
First compare done.. and honestly i'm blown away... Purist Elementa Adv..
all I can say is wow... really show up my old VDH. Low end is superb and the control. The high seem rolled off just a touch.. but betting further up line that comes back.. But wow.. Who ever recommended these .. man have i been missing out..
The brand I sell are: Audioquest, Kimber and Purist. I think that Purist Audio makes the best powercables by far in the world. Purist has all the different parts you need for the absolute sound in one cable. That makes it convincing.

Compare powercables from Purist with MIT and NBS ( which I sold both for over 6 years of time) and they will be crushed.
I didn't do anything with power cables.. but will request .. do they make that big a difference?
Powercables even make more difference than interconnects. I started in 2002 with blindtests for clients. What I did was using a source/amp of 2000 e with a powercable of 2500e and a source/amp from 5000 e with a powercable of 100 e. It is much easier to get a higher endresult with a 2000e source with a 2500e powercable. People were amazed that they picked the one with the expensive powercable.
What I did was comparing andd amps of about 2000 and 5000 euro. I compared them in blind tests. A rather cheap source/amp worth of about 2000 euro with a powercable of 2500 euro. I compared it with a source/amp with our most sold powercable of 100 euro. I wanted to see what people prefer, which one is better? Almost every person choose for the cheaper source/amp with the expensive powercable. Most of them thought they would prefer the am/source of 5000 euro with the powercable of 100 euro. What I wanted to achieve is how important a powercable can be.
Well... completed all comparisons .. and came down to Discovery and Purist.
Decided on Purist.. now comparing some of the lines.. Tks all.. this has been
fun.. Next will be AC cables... i've no idea how 5-60 Hz effects audio signal,
but sounds like it does... will be interesting..
The problem with cables and, therein lies their beauty, is that they take quite some time to break in to sound their best. So, patience is key when it comes to cables.
I got my hands on some NOS MIT S1 cables, which, after break-in, are the best I have experienced over the years. I was advised to use the cables between the pre-amp, amp and speakers. Really does it for me, and the price was 1/2 off the 2009 price, as the current prices for the current models are too rich for me. Saw the ads on Audiogon. Pass XP 30, XP 25 and 250.8.
Gee, thanks for the advertisement jdsaudio. At least you don't have to use the cables between your source and the pre-amp, that really must help cut down the cost.
Yet another reason why I don't regularly comment, but was only trying to provide feedback to Fsyme. Is Venustas not an advertisement? As these MIT cables are listed on Audiogon, they are there for everyone to search for on this site. It was NOT an advertisement, but trying to be helpful. Probably won't do so in the future, as we have become too polarized and cynical in our society.
I agree with Bo....power cables have the greatest influence on the total sound
Bo1972, reading many of your posts, I'm under impression, that the best cables out there the one you sell. I never heard audioquest, but had latest purist all the way up to canours (power cords) and purist provectus (ICs and SCs). Yes they are good and dominus and limited may be even better, but I'am sure there are other brands out there that equally good or even better than purist and audioquest. Stealth, siltech, Ch acosutics for example. Sorry, you may have a lot of knowledge, but to me you are basically pushing brands you sell all the time. More objective opinion/approach will be really appreciated.