Vintage Kinergetics gear repair by someone that knows what they are doing?

Anyone know of anyone good for repairs? Ive invested quite heavily in Kinergectics and would love to find an engineer that built / designed / worked on these... The gear I bought all works great right now but ya never know and someone that could explain the difference with their original Compusound circuitry against their Compusound II circuitry. I have both amps.Very limited information online at least with my searching skills.West coast preferred.  

THX in advance!

If you have schematics or the service manual or even a circuit diagram with a parts list, any competent service guy should be able to "service" your gear. After all, resistors, capacitors, transformers, etc all work the same way no matter what they happen to be a part of.
I have nothing... Kinergetics was a pretty well regarded company I thought. But zero information online at least that I can find. Hopefully if this post stays up long enough someone will help me out.

I recently changed every electrolytic out in a KBA75 (improving many of them in spec and size). The improvement was dramatic.  I would think that most problems that would occur would be from aging parts.  My advice is to switchout those aging parts before they are a problem and just enjoy these old amps for years to come. 
Back in the day, I visited Kinergetics Research factory.  There primary business at the time, late 80's was building deep water Diving Bells.  Tony DiChiro was the chief designer on the electronics side of the business.  In the early 90's Kinergetics sold the audio business to a automotive audio company.
Hi, I'm in the same position as the original poster:  I have a Kinergetics Chiro C-500, 5 channel amp.  The main power board has some burnt traces and I have been unable to find schematics or any info online.
If you own one of these amps, I'd be willing to pay you for your time to take some photos for me.  It would involve removing the cover and front panel (just some screws), and having a decent camera with a macro setting. 

If you want to upgrade the amp, I can give you some suggestions, but it does require basic mechanical and electrical skills.
I own a KBA-75 power amp.  I only have a part for the schematic for it.  I also repair audio gear but have not had the time to look at mine in many years as we build our own components now that are fair superior.  I am in New Jersey if you want to ship it to me for a look. I generally do not need a schematic.

Happy Listening.
OK guy's so i did some digging and found out Mr Tony Di Chiro was on the MONSTER TEAM- Remember MONSTER CABLE. So in that group
is Mr Richard Marsh and Mr Demian Martin and of Course Mr Noel Lee.
Now what I would do is GOOGLE the names of these guys, and find out where and who they are with Company wise and find out if you can get Mr Di Chiro email then spread the info he give you on the design with the family at agon. :) 
I have not used them, but I have a KPA-1 and a KBA-75 gold that are working. I was looking for info one day and spotted this ad I e-mailed him about who had serviced it before he listed it, and he wrote:
I usually go to Technotron in NYC for any service issues. They re-capped an earlier KBA-75 but the one I have for sale now was done by the customer's own contact (Capstone's electronics) in VA.