Vinyl Catalog

So, I was trying to figure out a way to catalog my growing LP collection. My primary goal was to document what I already have so I don't buy duplicates (bad memory.) Anywho..

I used Google's free Picasa2 software to organize photos of my LPs. It only took a couple of hours to take quick photos of about 550 albums. Just organize them on your hard drive, add the folders to Picasa2 and you can create a proof sheet for all albums in that folder and with the click of button post images to Picasa Web Albums. I even copied all the photos to my portable media player (Creative Vision M) so I can review while LP shopping.

Anyhow, pretty cool. I'm sure there's even a way to add comments to the photo regarding pressing, impressions, condition etc.

Anywho, check out my LPs. Anyone want to trade for anything???
File Maker comes with templates that make can easily be used for LPs. I took the one made for movies, did some minor mods and it works great.
I forgot to mention! You need to add Exile on Main Street to your Stones collection and Saxophone Collosus to your Sonny Rollins collection.