Vinyl Rip from Modwright PH 9.0 phono stage

I'm trying to figure out the right Analog to Digital converter to run from my phono stage to  my MacBook Pro for vinyl ripping. I'm pretty sure it should not be amplified in any way because the PH 9.0 is pretty powerful and it would overload.

Also, I'm not looking for features to alter the sound in any way, other than volume. Hoping to be able to get HI Rez output in all the formats up to 24/192.

Any guidance is much appreciated!


I've made excellent vinyl recordings at 24/192 and DSD128 on a Tascam DA-3000.  Its gain level is adjustable.  It records to an SD card, which can be transferred to a PC through a USB-attached card reader.  Tascam provides downloadable freeware to sequence and title tracks on a PC. Vinyl Studio software can analyze the waveform, find metadata on the web, and insert track breaks (almost) automatically, requiring minor manipulations of a cursor that divides the tracks.

If you want to move upmarket from Tascam, check our the Merging Technologies Hapi.