Visualize the music....

The Rite of Spring

Very cool....
Yes, it is cool. It actually helped me enjoy the music better. Thanks for the link.
Funny you posted this. A good friend of mine who is a composer sent it to me a few days ago. Very cool stuff.
Holds my attention like Astronaut Bowman going through the star gate near the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey did.

Where did Stravinsky come from again? :^)

Makes me anticipate and be better prepared for the next bars of music coming up before they get here even more!
BTW, today May 29th, is the Rite Of Spring premier's 100th anniversary . Happy anniversary! I would have loved to have been in the audience when it premiered. A pivotal day in music history for sure!
As told by Michael Tilson-Thomas, the premiere was a disaster with the crowd booing and catcalls. Of course, in retrospect we see it differently. But, what an event it must have been. No tutus. Body skin suits and animal skins on stage! And so many rhythms and parts. Wow.
It is commonly assumed that the often-mentioned "riot" during
"Sacre's" premier was a result of the audience's reaction to the
music. As Tgrisham suggests, musicologists currently believe that, in fact, it
was due more-so to the very suggestive choreography of the ballet.

Amazing piece of music!
While not a riot in the usual sense, this composition also caused quite a commotion; and in many ways changed the direction of jazz.