Viva or Mastersound?

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Viva Solista ( Mk I or II) integrated to the Mastersound Evolution 845 ( or close variants)? On one hand these have different power ratings on the other they are close in price. Thanks, Andrew
I’ve heard the MK1 Solista many times. I can’t recall hearing the Mastersound integrated but others, who have heard my Italian integrated as well as those of interest to you, tell me that Mastersound shares many similarities with my New Audio Frontiers. If that’s true, I would say that the Viva has a much more modern tube sound, while the Mastersound would be more intimate. If there is an 845 tube that you favor, find out if it’s compatible with the Viva first. It seems to me that the Viva too often rejects tubes that my friends try. The Viva Mk2 is a very different amplifier from the MK1 and from what I’ve heard, much more than just marginally better.
I used the Viva Solista Mk1 for 5 years, a very nice, if very large, heavy, inefficient, hot running amp. I liked it a lot, but also understand the Mk 2 is significantly better and more expensive.

Phaelon is correct about the tubes, the Solisata runs at a very high plate voltage, which burns out many 845 tubes rapidly.

I know you dod'nt qask for the comparison, but I know use a simiar output Ayon Spark. It's cheaper and I prefer it.

What reviews I have read of Mastersound amps, were OK, but not glowing, if you'll excuse the pun.
Viva Solista is now under mk3 from end of 2011.

It is so much better than mk1 and 2 which were better than Mastersound.

Mastersound is still has the maple syroup sound and slow bass.

The new Viva Solista mk3 shine with lifelike sound.

(Solista mk2 can be upgraded to mk3 if I am not wrong).

To clarify I did upgraded from Solista mk2 to mk3 so I think it can be done for other users as well.

*David12 there is huge difference from Solista mk1 to mk3.
As for heating I also have Gryphon Antileon signature both run hot, only in the summer there is an issue.

I also have the same 845 tubes for 3 years.

Only changed 6sn6 for find different sound but not sure if it worth the change.
The only 6sn7 that was worth it is the black treasure from shuguang, but it does not fit to mk1 & mk2.

Hope I helped.
From everything I've read/heard, the Viva is really old school golden sound. Has that changed in the MK3
Not exactly.
Viva represents the today SET sound.

Master sound has old school tube sound colored and slow in the bass.
I have a Mastersound Evolution 845 since 14 month and I must say that it is not colored or anything like maple syroup as said above.

I'a using it with Blumenhofer fs-1 speakers, SACD dCS Verdi, Elgar plus and dCS Puccini clock and excellent silver cables. Sound is clear, fast, there are lots of bass when recorded, the sound is not colored at all, voices are incredibly truth.

After live concerts of classical music I come home and put similar music as heard moments before and I must said that it is difficult to hear any difference.

I doubt there are many people who had the opportunity to compare the two amps in the same environment. Best would be to go to Vicenza, meet the two owners and have a great dinner!
The Solista uses 6C45p for the input tubes. Does anyone know of other tubes that could be used in this position? It seems like russian tubes are the only option?
I would wholly concur with Cousingermain.I have Mastersound 845 Monoblocks with Mastersound PH5 Preamp and Kondo SPC cables and this lot slams out the bass with brilliant clarity and soundstage.There is nothing whatsoever coloured or slow about it.The speakers are ART Noveau.I have not heard Vista so it would be wrong of me to pass any comment.
After all it is down to what your ears hear ast the end of the day,good luck in your quest
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