Viva Tubes

Just an fyi appears that Viva Tubes is having a sale. 

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I wouldn't buy from them ever again. Received a damaged tube and sent emails and they never responded. Calls go to a message saying email them. Tube was cheap, just principle.

I've bought several tubes from Viva with no problem but no idea what they are like to deal with if there is a problem. 

Going back to 2017 I bought a dozen EL34s & a pair of 6922s from them & there were no issues.  It was a telephone order.  Based on that experience, I would probably buy from them again, although, more recently, I bought a dozen EL34s from Jim McShane and it seemed like I was getting more personalized service . . . so given a choice, I would prefer to buy from Jim.

jims the man, but his selection has shrunken. i very happily bought from him a month or two ago.  his service is fantastic. dealing with him earns a deep trust that ur dealin an expert and a stand-up guy. 

I've bought a lot of tubes from Viva and they've always been prompt in shipping and every tube has been fine. I've called them to talk about things a couple of times and they're utterly professional and cool.

Bought matched octet of PS Vane 6sn7 tennis balls. Tested them upon arrival. All good. I also got kt120’s without issues. Never a problem.

I've used them through their website and Amazon store.

Excellent customer service.

Only thing bad was as soon as the "tube embargo "started they raised prices on tubes that they already had in stock.

Vivatubes are my go-to for Psvanes or other new tubes. A couple of years ago they replaced my one noisy tube by sending a matched pair. That alone is the reason for me to go to them Vs fleaBay/Amazon.

I literally just got a few tubes from Vivatubes last week. I'm really happy with them and was impressed with how quickly I got them

Several orders with Viva. No problems. I had a KT-88 go bad from an order last year and they promptly replaced it. No hassle. And their prices are generally pretty good.