Volti v Charney v Rethm

I am looking for a new speaker and like the horn sound. I have had a lot of exposure to Rethm Saadhana and do love the sound. But in reading I am also interested in the Volti Rival and Charney Companion Excalibur with AER BD3B. I have not heard the Volti or Charney, and will not realistically be able to audition those due to work obligations. Also, there is a used Charney available 

I play a wide variety of music, Floyd, Bach, Eva Cassidy, Emenem....

I have a Innuos streamer with equal play between CD and Qobuz. Weiss DAC, Atma-sphere MP-3 into Atma-sphere Class D. 

I like to close my eyes and feel like I am in the room with the band. I am sure that is what we all want, but I prefer to have realistic over analytical. 

I know this is very broad, but if anyone has thoughts about the difference in sound from these three, I would be grateful


I really like both Charney and Volti with a preference for Charney I find them to be very continuous and lively. Rethm I've only heard once and don't remember the model I liked it but that's all I remember.

Have you considered perhaps the Fleetwood Deville SQ? I’m using them also with Weiss 501 DAC , Shindo amp and pre amp and the synergy is awesome.After many trial and error’s , I’ve come to the conclusion that my ears finally like what they hear.

I’ve heard the Volti and the Rethm Trishna, both in show conditions, one year apart, the Volti with Border Patrol amplification, the Rethm driven by the new Western Ekectric integrated.  I liked them both, but loved the Rethm.  I find myself increasingly drawn the the delicate immediacy of single driver designs - or brant’s thereto - these days, and the Rethm definitely scratches that itch.  I heard them with a good friend who’s almost on the opposite endbofvthe audiophile spectrum from me - high powered solid state amps, Wilson Sasha X - and he had almost the exact same reaction to the Rethms.  Btw, I’ve corresponded with both Angie and the Rethm founder; they’re both great.

How big a room and how loud do you want your system to play and how important is really deep and powerful bass?  It is NOT the case that I found the Charney deficient in any aspect of performance, but, physics dictates that a single 8" driver cannot do all things as well as larger, multi-way drivers can do.  I would expect such limits would be more of a challenge for the Charneys than with the other speakers.  Still, I really love the sound of the Charney speakers and would recommend them for anyone not looking for head-banging volume in a large room.  


My room is 30 x 25 feet. 13 foot ceilings. I don’t usually listen super loud, but infrequently do pump it up. Quality is more important than quantity (volume).

Thanks everyone so far for your input!