Von Schweikert DB 99-ribbon add on tweeter

Has anyone heard them? don't think i'll buying them since they come without grills.
My dB99's will be arriving in a couple of weeks in a custom ebony wood finish and will be eventually pictured on the VSA website. I expect the Von Schweikert dB99's with its supertweeter module addition to provide the same sonic signature of the highly acclaimed $60k VR9's in a much smaller package. The supertweeter module adds $2500 to the $10k list price of the dB99's.

I have had the ribbon for several weeks. The best way
I can describe the differnce is listening to a piano
with the lid down(no ribbon) and the lid up(with ribbon).
The DB 99s and the ribbon is pretty amazing considering
the reasonable price.
I am considering trying Tonian Labs ribbon tweeter with the 99's as it has gotten good reviews (6 moons)and is less expensive than VSA's.
i'm sure they sound great, but no cloth grills to match the rest of the speaker? The db99 is a great looking speaker, and to stick a bare tweeter on top of it really takes away from the appearance. looks aren't everything i know, but at this price range a cloth grill to match the rest of the speaker isn't asking too much. i won't buy the tweeter until they start making a grill for it.

Just call VSA- they are outstanding people and I am sure if you want a cloth grill they could make something work for you. For the cost of the tweeter a cloth grill is pennies. I am pumped to see a few more DB-99 owners. There are a few in the asylum, didn't know you three had the 99's as well. Good speaker- at a good price- a real gem. (Not a dealer just a happy listener)


Tony, I emailed VSA this morning. yep, I'm loving the speaker as is but would like to add on the ribbon tweeter. man, i'm done buying speakers, i can tell you that.

Good for you, let us know what/if they come up with something for you.

Saxman2- yes pics would be great if you could post.
Congrats Jack on the new pair with the ebony finish - I think that would look very good. I'd love to see some pics of them and the new ribbon! I should finally be getting mine, sans tweeter, set up over the next week or so.

Matt - Austin
Just hooked the 99's up to the consonance 211's and WOW they sound good. Will be getting the Droplet soon. I am currently committing a sin and using a $100.00 Apex carousel CD player that I had stuck away since college with them as a standby. Amazing but it still sounds fairly good. Certainly a tribute to the speakers and amps.

By the way, in case anyone is considering this we tried to use consonance CD-120 with an axiom passive pre and the volume gain was too great. To us didn't seem like a good mix.
Not trying to take over the thread but I am tweaking the speaker placement and was wondering where others placed them from the walls. Currently mine are 4.1 ft from side wall and 6.1 ft from back wall in a 15 ft wide room. Where have you all found the best placement for the 99's?
I checked all around the board and do not know how to post a picture. If you are interested in a picture, just email me and I would be happy to send you one!

I put the ribbon tweeter pics here (at avsforum)


Everyone thank Saxman2

I agree it is great to see other DB99 owners here. I have had mine for over a month now and am amazed at how good they are. Break-in was a bear, but now they have settled. I agree the super tweeter is a big difference. The example of a piano above is very accurate. My speakers are 3' from the back and 5' from the side in a 17' by 18' room (one side open) and toed in about 20 degrees.

Also, is anyone using the rear firing tweeter. I find that it extends the soundstage depth, but reduces image focus quite a bit. Is this a break-in thing?

Sorry I should have specified this-- my figures are from the center of the woofer to the wall. Is the three feet you refer to from the back of the speaker or from it's woofer which would effectifly putit another foot aprox into your room?

Good point....my measurements are from the back wall to the back of the speaker and the right side wall to the right lowest side of the speaker.
I have had mine 2 months and 375 hours...I'm happy I spent the dough...I'm middle aged so I'm not sure I'd hear the super tweeter effect....my 99's are 4 feet from the front wall, ten feet apart and 5 and 10 feet from the sidewalls and I sit 12 feet away....Tony, as you know each room is very different..I have the Consonance Cyber Signature ten integrated , 2A3 tubes and the Droplet CDP, the cd player is killer for any amount of dough. Once the speakers and associated gear are well broken in I'll experiment with the ambience tweeter...the bass on these loudspeakers is the best I've ever heard and the mids are spectacular.
Larry, near Boston