vote- best looking veenered monitors?


I would like everyone's thoughts on their view of the
most beautifully finished monitor in real veneer in the
$1500.00 price range.

My vote would be the Vienna Acoustics Haydn and the
Onix Reference 1 MkII.
The figured gumwood wood venneer from Omega Speaker Systems wins hands down, in my opinion & are way less than $1500.
I'll second the Omegas. I had TS1s with Sapele and they looked stunning. I couldn't believe the finish on them for an $800 speaker.
you have to see Vienna's live, they really look like a nice piece of furniture (and very expensive). i've seen some of the speakers you've mentioned and they're not even close to any Vienna Acoustics line. don't forget, one of the VA co-owner is at the same time owner of fine furniture company, and you know Austria knows things or two about it!
Salk sound. Custom wood and finishes. The only downside is waiting to have your custom speakers built.
Castle speakers give you a choice of 8 furniture grade standard veneers but their special Yew finish is simply stunning.
No debate about it - the VA Haydn Grands in the new cherry finish. I've seen all of the above speakers (except the Salk) and the VA wins hands down. I don't own them but sure wish their sound qualities fit my wants. I'm tempted to buy a pair just for the aesthetics. This cherry finish is unlike anything else I've sever seen in speakers.
Go and check out some of the pictures in the galleries. Be patient, there are about a hundred different speakers featured. I'm a "weekend woodworker" and Jim does some fantastic work.

Salk sound
Tomryan, you know the right words in the right moments! I own new VA Haydn Grands in cherry finish, and I have to tell you i was desperate about not bying rosewood one. i wasn't ready to pay premium price for rosewood, even if it's not such a big price difference, but dealer told me to byu cherry, it is very good he said. now, it seems like even better choice.

let's not forget, its sound is excellant!

You made right decision. The cherry finished VA's are gorgeous. I've seen them both side by side and the rosewood and thought the cherry the more attractive. There is nothing else like it available from anyone. I also think the new rosewood is a little too dark and lacking in red. Not as much contrast as the previous VA rosewood finish. If I were to buy a pair of VAs the cherry finish would be my choice without any hesitation.

My local told me a man and his wife came into the store some weeks ago and auditioned Sonus Faber, Paradigm, and VA. The wife asked her husband, "Do I get a vote?" The man said, "Absolutely." She said, "Buy the cherry ones. Then I'll let you move the stereo back in the living room."

I have no idea how VA makes such quality cabinets at those price points. The new SF Domus speakers actually look homely next to the VAs.

And how about the bass response you are getting from those small boxes? They so make beautiful music.