Vote your next American

I have met many of you over the years and learned so much. This community is overflowing with excitement and gracious enthusiasts. I am starting this thread to allow us to recognize the one inspirational audiophile that meant something special to each of us. Recently , I met Tom Moore of Newtown Square Pennsylvania . To say his devotion to our hobby is awe inspiring is to shortchange the word itself. Meeting Tom was a moving experience and it made me more thankful I am involved in this wonderful hobby. He is my "American Audiophile Idol " ! To all of the Tom Moores out there... I salute you.
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What a cool idea for a thread.

Well if the latest DIY cables thread by JD, A'gon name Jadem6, is any indication as to the value of anyone to the Audiophile world, it's quite clear who gets my vote. Just read any of his A'gon component reviews and you get a feel for the amount of knowledge and experience. I am fortunate to be only minutes from JD which has benefitted me even greater with advice on a regular basis, often costing me nothing.

There are many others on this site that contribute much to all of us. Can't mention them all but posts written by Sean and AlbertPorter always get my attention so I'd have to give these guys an "Honorable Mention".
Tremendous thread, Brainwater!

Tom is a good friend of mine, and I can personally vouch for him being such a wonderful person and audiophile. I agree his devotion to audiophilia is both awe inspiring and motivating. My only complaint is trying to keep up with him! He was at my home last Saturday, but had to return home early to await the arrival of the loudspeakers you were delivering (hopefully, he passed along my greetings to you).
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I second you and in fact in all seriousness couldn't we establish some sort of award in Pat/Lugnut's name/honor? I'm not sure what the award would be for but I can't imagine a better way to honor his memory. Does anyone concur and have any practical ideas?
My candidates are Lugnut, Sean, Al Porter, and Porschcab. All have provided great insight to the Hi Fi world. I'd also in clude Ben Campbell, but I believe he's from the UK.
Hi Joe , he did mention you and Rushton and I appreciate your kind words. Its just that we all go about our lives taking so many things for granted , thats all. Meeting Tom made me a better person and I just wanted to share that . Brent
Well Brain, you have been kind and helpful so hats off to you! Jade has an excellent thread on cables and have had fun talking to him....TAFKASteve has become a good friend and good advice, SonicBob is about as cool as they come, too many here to list...alot of great folks here.