Wadia being sold for a third of it's retail

Hi everyone
can someone explain to me what's going on with all the cool looking Wadia stuff that is being sold for a third of the retail. For example the Wadia 321 D to A converter is being sold for $1,000...(retail is 3,000)
Is anything wrong with this line or is there some kind of other explanation to the unbelievable price drop across the range. Thank you
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The CDPs have a warmish musical sound.  Well built.  Not sure how old the unit is but I picked up a nice pair of Vandersteen 5As for a song so someone who needs the cash is to your advantage.
Most likely it's just supply and demand. I bought a 321 just for giggles. I never owned a Wadia so I corrected that situation. The DAC is built like a tank and sounds very good. It lacks features like streaming ability. This probably contributed to the blow out price. Joe
So where is this sale going on? Looking to buy a dac very soon and would happily check it out. 
One of the things that this sale shows you is the outrageous mark up some of these upscale companies have over their actual construction cost. An analog to digital converter does not cost that much to design and build.  If you believe that your favorite guru manufacturer deserves his X thousands of dollars price, then spend one or two hundred dollars on a Audioquest DAC that fits into a USB case, listen and tell yourself that YOUR box is worth 20 or thirty times as much.  Just don't tell me. No wonder this business is in trouble.
May simply be that they are not carrying the brand "anymore"  and hence moving the piece.  Wadia is not on the list of brands they carry
LOL, thanks Bill!  Missed that somehow.  I looked at the dealers listed on their website but no dice there.