Was impressed with a product tonight.

Was shopping with family at an outlet mall and while they went on I stopped in a Bose store.

Saw their Video Wave product. Pretty darn good. Impressive for movies and ok for music.

If you get a chance check it out.

Really? I mean really?

I visit those Bose shops occasionally and I never fail to be impressed with how unimpressive their demos are.


I wouldn't have said so if I weren't.
I've always thought Bose was so-so, never really been excited about their products, but this excited me. I know there are products far superior.

Sound filled the room, and didn't sound half bad.
Wasn't the ultimate in localization, surround type effects, but did produce a nice wall of sound.

Not the ultimate in sound quality, didn't expect it to be. But for casual TV movie watching, I found it impressive.

This was set up in a dedicated room, maybe 25ft deep, 12/15 ft wide, 12/15ft ceiling. I am sure in a different room it wouldn't be the same.

But in that room it was impressive. Way expensivo!

Don't let these people intimidate you! If you liked the Bose setup, you liked it! Just like millions of other normal people.

Bashing Bose is like getting street cred on this place. Makes them feel more 'audiophile'.

Where bose products are sold with other brand audio products the bose demo setup is always way off by itself. That's because they don't want you to compare. As soon as you compare two audio products you've just become an audiophile.

Bashing bose simply means one has actually heard the difference just like millions of normal people who have the comparative knowledge to avoid the actual brilliance of bose, their marketing.

Haven't seen you in a while. Out vandalizing some high end cable manufacturers? I hear there's a shortage on ultra pure solid core copper.


I have to agree with the other poster a couple of lines up. If you thought the Bose sounded OK, who cares. You're the one that has to listen to it. No need to explain yourself.
In my master bath I have a faucet with an LED in it and a Bose inside the toilet bowl.