Weiss dac 204 vs Accuphase dac 60 card

Looking for any advise on the weiss 204 dac as just a pure dac and will deal with streaming later on. Will use xlr outs to my accuphase e5000 integrated amp. I do have the dac 60 board now and just wondering if anyone has experience with these dacs.


@lanx0003 Any suggestions on the used market for less? I have the dac 60 card already and could trade it towards the weiss 204

The Weiss 204 is kind of an enigma in the sense there are a couple measurement based reviews which are negative and a couple subjective reviews which are very positive.

I purchased the 205 after reading the positive reviews and compared it to my Meitner MA3 which is way more expensive and differences were similar to what is mentioned in https://twitteringmachines.com/review-weiss-dac204/ where the reviewer compares it to his TotalDac.   Basically, for the $$ I really like it.   I've since added a Linear Power Supply to the 205 which was nice improvement, at least in terms of dynamics.  I have no idea how it compares to an Accuphase DAC board. I like having the choice to swap/upgrade DACs as new 'popular/great-deal items' become available (regularly) so personally for me I wouldn't be interested in a DAC board as even if it's killer I know I would want to try different things...    Used 204s show up in the $2700 range.   Vintage King has a demo available as I'm writing this.

@ddafoe Thanks!  I have the dac 60 card now and have the chance to trade it back to dealer and get the weiss 204, with extra money on my end.



Basically what the reviewer said, in less words, is there is no comparison. I"ve listened to both these dacs in my home, in my system. There is NO comparing the Totaldac to the weiss dac. The TotalDac is the superior dac as it should be for the price difference.