What about Dan Clark?

I see number posts like this headphone one all the time on here. I do not see anything about Dan Clark. Are they just not that good? Too expensive? What is it?


You don't see anything about Dan Clark so...now you're speculating that there's a problem? FFS, man, try the search bar.

Not sure if I see it as a problem. I am interested in a set of closed back headphones. I see Dan Clark makes a couple of models of closed back. 

A number of years ago, when i was contemplating new phones (I have Stax 007 phones, I looked at Dan Clarks’ electrostatic models and Stax’s SR 009 phones.  I preferred the Dan Clark model because it was not as lean sounding as the Stax phones (on the Blue Hawaii SE amp I own).

If you want to know about headphones, I'd suggest going to a forum like head-fi - there is not much action on this particular one compared to that....  I guess most A'gon people don't do cans, or at least talk about 'em. 

The best closed headphone maybe coming out in a few months based on a post yesterday on Head-fi. I have the previous version of this phone that I may sell now that this new uber phone is coming out. 

I do not know anything about Dan Clark phones but the following thread is about the new phone I want to get. I did read a post on this thread that stated that Dan Clark was one of the few phone makers that are innovating today.

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