What are best hi efficiency speakers under $1000?

I'm moving soon and will need to change my setup a bit. I'm using a Luminescence preamp with a vintage Luxman tube amp. I listen to a lot of records and I love the sound of this system. For about 17 years, I've listened to this system with a pair of 46 year old Bozak "Urban" speakers. They've got a great big sound, but they are big physically too (24" x 24" x 20"). I need to get a bit smaller, at least in width. I need to find something that is efficient due to my rig, and can still deliver a big sound (10" or 12" woofer would be good here). I'm okay with buying used also - preferrably under $1,000. I've considered Klipsch Heresys, but I've never heard these. Any suggestions on decent speakers that conform to this profile? thanks for any help in this regard...
Z horn ,Horn shop, moth if you can find a pair, omega makes some cool little loudspeakers.Or you could DIY your own. I would suggest a fostex f200a in a open baffle anyone can build a OB so dont say you cant diy;) home depo would rough cut boards to size get a jig saw with good blade and cut out a circle.You can use shelf brackets for stands.Shalac finish sounds best and is easy to apply.
Heresys do spring to mind, as do Omega Loudspeakers - very different approach than Klipsch but quite good nevertheless. Less bass than what Heresys would have though.

Wow are you in for a change. I've had the bozaks. Great mid and bass but nothing over 15khz or so.

Try some Coincident speakers from Canada. They may be as efficient if not more efficient than the bozaks. You should see what they can do with either a single 8" woofer or a pair of 6"s. It doesn't always take a 15" woofer to produce tight clean bass.

The only problem you may find is that your system may have some hiss that was never audible before. Listen before you buy.

Heresys are ugly boxes themselves. I've owned both heresys & cornwalls and neither can touch the coincidents if size and wife approval factor are involved.
Klipsch KLF-20's. 100db sensitive. Can't be beat for the money. Can be made better with mods to the x-overs.
Good listening!
the Omega XR3S are far better then the Klipsch
I owned the heresy which is a decent speaker the Hemp
driver is just so much more natural and for under $1200
it is a steal just check out their finishes alone, they make a Hemp powered sub for under a $1000 that you can get at a later date in a beautifull
hand veneered cabinet ,this way the wife has no complaints
and the Bass is Articulate with a capital A. Once you hear em there is a excellent chance you would buy them ,and a 10 yr warranty -made in the U.S.A is a big bonus.
Id also reccomend the omega's. I have not heard the klipsch's but i did have a pair of coincident partial 2s here. I sold those and kept the omegas. but i do use a small tbi sub.
I have a pair of fostex 4 inch full range drivers but need a nd bought a sub.After I got all set up I learned about the hemp speakers and plan to buy a pair of there 4 or 6 inch drivers they go for about $120 for a pair of 4 inch and I think $180 for the 6 inch. I drive my fostex with a single ended pentode amp (5 watts) and they go plenty loud they are rated at 95db. I feel that they my fostex sounds so good that I will be very pleased with a pair of hemps.If not I can either use them as outside speakers or basement speakers or sell them easily for $100 dallors more than what went into them.You don't have to worry about the enclosures,just make a small airtight box,put in some filling,speakers posts,cut out one hole screw in the speaker paint the box black and your set!! I bought a used sub on the gon for $125 so total is under $400,a pair of omega's will put you back about 7-8 hundred so diy and be happy and proud! Good luck! Nick
I love your enthusiasm Happynick. Sounds cool. You could just build nicer looking boxes for the Bozaks too! Ha!
I had the Heresys back in the 80s. They are ok, but when I got the Kef 103.3s, the Heresys whimpered out of the room. The Heresy sound stage, transient response and high end can all be improved upon.

That was many years ago. Now I am trying out a set of Energy RC speakers. They are not as efficient as the KLF-20s suggested, but aren't too shabby at 94 db. So far they are sounding pretty good. You might want to look into a pair of RC50's or RC-30s with a sub.
bottom line is all speakers sound great with tube amps so you can't go wrong,just your prefereance so try to audition first if you can,Nick
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how many wpc is the luxman? how loud do you listen and what do you listen to? how big is your space? hi eff. means a lotta different things depending on who you ask. Tvad is right, many speakers sound like crap with tubes so... unless of course you have a $20K world class model. i owned a luxman ss back in the day and am glad to hear that you still use that classic!
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Heresy IIIs are amazingly good speakers, although slightly off your budget...mine are the Capitol Edition (no biggie, just list for 500 bucks more) that cost 1500 bucks new from Ebay. Here's a cool review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-119-ken-micallef-june-2018
Note the Heresy IIIs are currently the result of the last re-design in 2006 or something...titanium drivers, better woofer, bi wire capability, made of imported Dagwood, waterproofed, mosquito repellant, magnetic grills that can be put on your refrigerator, anti gravity so they're lighter, and a sound that lures you to Arkansas against your will...so they ain't yer grandpas Heresy.
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