What cartridge are you using with VPI JMW9

Curious as to what cartridges fellow JMW9 users are successful in using. Is your cartridge a match made in heaven or incompatable with the arm?
I have read many people that state the Dynavector 20X-L is a great match. I have to agree.
I'm using a Dynavector Karat 17D2 MkII but require a headshell weight. Sounds very nice though. I'm upgrading to the signature arm and thinking of trying an Ortofon Jubilee next though. Cheers.

I've had great success with three different Dynavectors. 17D2MKII, XX2, and 17D3. Also good with the signature arm.
Unlike Jeffreybowman2k, I never got the best out of the Music Maker III (I just sold it last week). I haven't had much success with Grado's either, just sold one of those too!

If you like the presentation of the Shure V15-series, they can be nice. Not everyone's piece of cake, but the Shure sounds incredibly neutral, but perhaps lacking the sweetness of many other carts. I have an extra armwand with a Shure in it, for certain records.

Overall, I'm very fond of the sound of the Shelter 901 with mine. The VPI table tends to sound a bit soft, so the extra zip that the 901 offers is a good match with the table (thanks to Jay at Audio Revolution for pointing this out to me).

Hope this helps!
The "9" is not capable of tracking most high end cartridges. It does a reasonable job on the lower priced Dynavectors, Clearaudios, and Benz Micros.

To realize the full potential of the Yatra, 901, and Music Maker III a better tonearm is needed.
Seasoned, I have to correct a misstatement: my arm with the Clearaudio is a 10.5, not a 9
At present, I'm using a Garrott Optim FGS. It tracks very well, handles warped discs with equanimity (unlike the Grado Sonata that preceded it.) It sounds very well balanced and leaves little to be be desired IMHO. Whether I play Rock, Jazz, or Classical, it delivers satisfying music. Since installing it, I never bother to look at cartridge listing on Audiogon anymore, so I suppose that says a great deal! OK, ONE improvement does come to mind. For a cartridge that sells for a grand, it is one cheap looking cartridge. That can be said of the Music Maker as well in my opinion.
The signature JMW9 has an effective mass of 9g, higher than the standard JMW9 and is compatible with lighter carts.

I currently use a Shelter 90X with great results. It tracks like a dream. Even my torture tracks.
My friend has this table with an EVOII or 3, can't remember. Sounds very good and he is considering an upgrade in the phono stage. I personally think that he should upgrade to a good MC first and then the phono. I think it will better help him in making the subtle differences in phono stages more apparent IMO. How do you others feel about this. Much has been said about the Blackbird on this table but I can't see it being a huge jump in improvement over the EVO.
Thanks listeners...
Did some upgrades over Christmas, (from my post above), and am now running an Ortofon Jubilee with the JMW9 Signature. Very nice and a nice improvement, (as you'd hope for the money), over my JMW9 Karat combo I was running for a couple of years. Cheers.

Count my vote for the Dynavector 20XH - absolutely excellent. I've been meaning to try a Shelter 501mk2 for an upgrade now that I have a MM/MC switchable phono pre.
Clearaudio Maestro Wood MM in my JMW-9 going through a Graham Slee ERA Gold V. Great combination!
Like Bryan I am using the Dynavector 17D mkII - I needed a bigger counter weight as well. I used to use the 20X which was much more lush (to my liking) - but the speed and accuracy of the 17D makes it worth the extra money.