What does Uhqr mean concerning records?

My turntable is in the garage and I'm contemplating bringing it back out, but I have no idea what the above letters mean. Anyone help?


Ultra High Quality Recording used by Mobile Fidelity.
It means they are worthless and I will pay for the shipping and see that they are properly disposed of.
UHQRs do not always live up to the name. Listen or get recommendations before you buy.
They only made a few of them I believe. I own Supertramps "Crime of the Century" & it is a tremendous recording. Seems to differ from the other opinions above.
I second your thoughts, John. I find "Crime" a joy to listen to. I have heard "Sgt. Peppers", but in a unfamiliar setting. It performed quite well appreciated by myself and the others listening.
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I totally agree with Viridian. I have owned them all. They are VERY special indeed.
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At the outrageous price sellers ask for one, you'd get much better sound from Better Record's white hot stampers with an equally lighter wallet.
Can anyone give a realistic price range for these UHQR's from decent shape and used to unopened, still sealed and new in box?

And by that, I dont mean buy it now for $1 MM, but prices where they would actually trade.

I am from the school of thought that generally speaking, audio has gotten steadily worse since about 1989, and can also recommend them.
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For only a few $1800 sales, I bet I could buy my own sealing machine.

So I have always wondered how do you know if its really new and/or how many times a used or even empty UHQRs passed through several hands as "new"?

Not to make anyone paranoid - they are otherwise good recordings.
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