What is a reasonable price for NOS 6H30P-DR Reflektor Tubes?

I have some of these tubes that I bought back in 2010 or 2011 from a dealer as spares for a preamp that I sold a long time ago. They have date codes of June 1986. They are definitely NOS. I’ve searched the internet but can only find listings on eBay that are all over the place…I want to be fair for both parties. I know way back when BAT was selling them for $250 each. Any thoughts?  Thanks 


I paid 1200 US for a matched Quad a couple years ago, dated from the late ’70s. And that was a "buddy price." The earlier the better in terms of date of manufacture. I knew the source of these and knew they were not pulls, i.e. used but measured NOS. The came from Victor at BAT but went through a couple of different hands- and I bought mine from somebody I trust.

They are probably worth at least that if not more. Depending on how many you have, whether they are matched, etc. Know that these tubes are counterfeited and there is a page on the internet that describes what to look for-not suggesting yours are bogus, just that you should not necessarily go by E-Bay prices or whatever. Not an easy tube to find particularly the early production. And in my application, they definitely sound different than current production Sovtek or EH.