What is Chroma Bug

Hi everyone... Can someone please explain to me what exactly Chroma Bug is... And if the the Philips DVD963SA has it...

A slight bleeding of colors {especially red }, on DVD's, however its limited to only a few scences on a few movies and really is way overblown IMO. I say relax , sit back and enjoy your DVD player.
The "chroma bug" is an MPEG decoder error. Once you know what to look for, it is very easy to spot.

If you don't know exactly what it is, my advice is: DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR IT! If you learn to spot it you will become sensitized to it and you will see it all the time. There are very, very few DVD players on the market that don't exhibit the chroma bug to some degree, so if you go looking for it you will do nothing but create problems for yourself. Don't ask how I know :-(

The above advice is correct. Ignorance is bliss! I have a friend who is a video engineer and he told me about NTSC (Never The Same Color) red and what to look for. From that point on, I was unhappy with my monitor until it died last year. Now he wants to show me why laser discs are superior to DVDs and how to spot the artifacts on DVDs caused by data compression. No way I'm gonna let him educate me on this subject.
I must TOTALLY disagree with the advice given above. If we followed a similar line of thinking about audio...we would be saying things like.....don't learn what high frequency distortion sounds like....ignorance is bliss!!! or don't even think about things like RFI/EMI .....and, by the way, you might as well buy a boom box instead of an audiophile system. Blah Blah Blah.

If you want to become a videophile, like you are an audiophile, don't listen to this hogwash. Instead, learn what Chroma Bug is....and then decide if it is worth it to you to get a DVD player without it. Incidentally, lots of reasonably priced players DO NOT have chroma bug.

When I finally learned what it was...and got a player without it....I found that my video experience IMPROVED quite a bit. Kinda like what we audiophiles find when we isolate a PROBLEM in our audio system and correct it. And it is not just the reds that improve.

Here's some great info on Chroma bug:


For those who want to remain ignorant...i suggest you NOT read it.