What is the best amp for Sonus Faber Cremonas?

I currently am driving the Cremonas with a Mac MC402. I find the Mac amp to be too dark with too much bass. (The speakers are well positioned out into the room.) I recently auditioned an Accuphase A-30 class A amp compared to a pair of Mac MC501's with Wilson Sophias and thought the Accuphase was far more musical and detailed. I never would have thought a 30 watt amp into 8 ohm (60 watts into 4 ohms) would be so effective. I am concerned about using this amp in my room which is 25' x 20'. My speakers have an impedence of 4 ohm with a sensitivity of 90db. I am using a the Mac C2200 tube preamp, but I would be willing to switch it out as well.

If I had to live with solid state it would either be Pass Labs or McCormack. The Sonus Faberline of speakers are kinda picky when it comes to finding a good match in an amplifier. McIntosh is a great product - but probably not a good match for your speakers. Before you get rid of the McIntosh - just be very sure that your preamp is not the culprit.

Hope this helps

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Accuphase sound great, wonderful in general, and with the Sonus Faber Cremonas for instance : besides the A-30, the A50 and A-60, of course.
True that they are very effective.
Otherwise, the Accuphase P-7000 is great too.
Besides the Sonus Faber, I have heard them with another italian brand, Zingali : wonderful !
IMO, the Cremona speakers themselves have a dark character. McIntosh gear has a slightly dark presentation as well and most likely is not a good match with the Cremonas. I've listened to Cremonas with all Krell gear and thought it was a very good match, although the speakers are still a bit dark sounding for me, but they are smooth with good bass. I would recommend a powerfull solid state amp, like Krell, McCormack DNA-225 and up and Pass Labs. You need a lively amp with these speakers.
I am rather new to the high end audiophile hobby, but would one think tht the SF musica would be specifically made to go with any of the SF speakers? Alternatively, for something like the Cremona, would a tube set produce better sound, as was told to me by a salesperson at harvey's (who ahd the SF hooked up to the McIntosh tube amplifier. Just a thought. Alan
Old thread but missed it previously.

I had similiar experience with Audphile1. In my opinion, Sonus Faber lower models(Cremona and below) have a dark character and the highs are rolled-off. My previous Grand Piano speakers sounded exactly as what you've described with the equally dark Plinius SA-100 amp. Even the employment of the harsh and bright Krell KAV-300i doesn't help in bringing out the details but I thought this combination sounded much better than the Plinius. Unless your musical tastes lean towards a soothing, warm and laidback kind of sound, an upfront and lively amp such as the Krell would be a better match with the Cremonas to achieve an overall more balanced presentation.
I agree with the 1st response, try a different pre amp. I would go SS and yes try a Mcintosh, I have owned both the c2200 and the c46 at the same time, thru my Mac 252, I prefer the c46. to me it had more guts without being bright and had more definition.
There have been some comments on the dark sonic signature of Sonus Fabers which are spot on. However, this is only applicable to the the lower lines in Sonus Fabers. They are very coloured speakers, certainly not neutral with a glorious midrange and rolled=off highs as some has suggested. Absolutely wonderful on vocals but doesn't possess the speed and transient attack on some materials compared to more neutral speakers, and some highs might not be reproduced as convincingly. PLay some piano tracks and you would notice the sound is somewhat not quite right.

The higher end models Amati Homage or Stradivari don't show these faults though.

Krell has always been a good amp to counter the warmish character of the Sonus Fabers. Have seen many driving Electra Amator I & II as well as GP's and Cremonas.
I disagree my sonus faber cremona speakers sound fantastic with my Mcintosh C220 pre amp, MC252 power amp and MVP861 cd player. The sound is fantastic. Maybe you have a problem with your room ? Are your speakers near the corners or is the listening chair back against the wall ?
I heard the Cremonas powered by the Ayre V-5xe at the Festival Son & Image in Montreal last year, and the sound was fabulous, among the best rooms at the show.