What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?

Price no object.

Brand and Model is adequate.

If you have not listened to it,  please restrain yourself.


I raise this question because there is a maker claiming

to be the best. I am curious if it will garner votes. 

Conclusion out tomorrow!! 

Stay tuned!!!




Yamaha calls the NS-5000 a bookshelf speaker, but it has to be put on a stand so Absolute Sound classifies it as stand-mounted and the stands are included and integral to the design. It’s a shame AS did not give it its own review but included it in a review of the series, and Stereophile didn’t review it. There’s a bias in the USA against Japanese audiophile speakers although it’s true basically only Yamaha and Sony in that market and then only when they want to be. That said, name me another full-range (bass down to low 20’s) speaker with a 12" woofer, a dome midrange (hard to do) AND all three drivers made from the same high tech material and innovations inside, with Yamaha’s superb piano finish, AND at $14,995, Yamaha hasn’t even raised the price. With the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack, the room will vibrate, but the speaker won’t. With piano music, well it’s Yamaha after all. Ask Sir Elton.

That’s a speaker I’d love to see and hear. And probably touch. 🤩

Of those mentioned here and fabulous, I’ve heard Focal Diablo recently enough to remember, it’s a nice one.

good Lord, some of you would screw up a wet dream.  he's asking for opinions on the best out there, of course its gear, room specific. state the best you have heard and stop lecturing. the wilson benesche is very nice as is the SF Guarni

BMR Philharmonitors 

Dynaudio Heritage Special 

Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 EX

I have heard/liked:

MBL 120

SF electa amator 3

Borresen 01

Joseph Pulsars

Wilson Benesch curve

Dutch and Dutch

AudioNote Hemp


Altec A-7s




Speakers that left me flat:







Not heard: