Whole new world

Listening to Dexter Gordon One Flight Up to enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening. Playing at moderate volume and for whatever reason decided to cup my hands behind my ears. OMG. I know we all obviously hear more when doing this but the difference was startling. Sounds like a blanket has been taken off the speakers and Dexter is in the room. Problem is I thought he was before but now I can’t get over the difference. Makes me feel sad that my hearing is that bad. I’m only 48.


I’m sure many if not most of us have tried this. What say you?




I think the same effect is obtained regardless of your hearing level. 😃👍


Ok, now for a challenge. Quite few years ago someone in the audiophile community suggested you need to remove your glasses when listening. I think I remember doing it an noting a small different. 

I was just Hitting the Jug as I read this and I tried it. I believe it is mostly akin to turning the volume up.


Hmmm.  I can't remove my glasses since I spend most of my listening time with my computer on my lap.  I could go from my normal large plastic "smart guy" glasses to a much smaller pair of reading glasses with the proper correction for the computer....hmmm.


This is the same for all of us......when you cup your hands, you're 'capturing' the sound and you feel more immersed _in_ it; not unlike the effect of wearing headphones. 
Now, if one does this in a room that has been treated as close to perfection as possible (!) would the effect remain the same?
Who knows?
Who cares?!
I dunno nuttin'......... ;-)


Just did it for awhile a few minutes ago. Have been doing it for years when a section of the music comes along and maybe I want to hear it a bit louder, but just for a moment. 

 The classical piece that I am listening to now has such a dynamic range, it makes it difficult to know where to set the volume, so I do the ear thing every now and then.

Appreciate the responses.  I was really taken aback yesterday on the difference.  I’ve been playing around a little more tonight and while it certainly increases the volume it makes it sound “ artificial” which makes sense.   Our ears are not designed to pick up that much of the high frequency range compared with the non-directional lower frequencies.  

I’m feeling a little better about it than I was last night.  Enjoying the music how my ears are intended to hear it. :-) 

Just before making even more audio investments I had my hearing tested at Costco hearing aid center (it's free).  Not a bad exercise; I'm normal for age; I guess Led Zeppelin in my teens did less damage than I thought. 

Hearing technician did suggest professional ear canal cleaning for my left ear.  She said ear wax build up is common in adults and you won't feel or notice it.  So I went in to a local ear clinic and for a $100 the results were pleasantly noticeable. Improved sound detail and conversation detection.

Maybe testing and cleaning is worth the effort, if not just for peach of mind. 

On a lighter note there was a guy I knew who insisted that his system sounded better if he wore a particular tie pin.