What is the best value you have encountered?

Want to gain knowlege from years past. What items can be found used and represent a good value in terms of bang for your buck. For instance I have Polk Ls 50 speakers that I got for $125 dollars and could have had a set of DCM Timewindows for the same money. Everything I read says that the DCM's still hold thier own in terms of performance for the dollar spent. I want to know what items out there perform way above their price point.
The Denon Dl 103R stretches the dollar further than anything else I've come across in this mixed up hobby.
I agree the NAD 3020 is what got interested in high end audio great choice.
Have had many costly components.I am amazed with the Nottingham Space/Ace space combo,along with the Dynavector P-75/Shelter 501 combo.Let's not forget the Prima Luna II.It's hard to believe the sonics for $1345.
VMPS speakers. Owned them since 96 and just recently became a dealer for them. Truly outstanding speakers for the money.
In no particular order:

Vandersteen 2c (speakers)
Mod Squad Soft Shoes (feet)
Blue Jeans Cables
Lenco (turntable)
EAR 834 (phono stage)
Rega (TT and tonearm)
Purist Audio Museaus (cable)
VTL MB-125 amps (particularly used)
Sound Anchor Stands
GR Research speakers
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It brought all the vinyl I own to life, in a noise free way that nothing else ever did. A revolation, that other vac cleaners cannot match. I paid 650 for a pair, with on to be used as a parts machine. I have restored it full functionality. The spindle was broken and I had a second one custom machined!

Any used DNM preamp.
I picked up a DNM 3c twin for $1000 on a "flyer" a while ago and it astounded me (as well as replacing some way more pricey stuff).
Their gear is not cheap new but seems to sell for relatively low prices used in the US.
The DNM does not come up used very often and when it does it usually sells pretty fast but it is a steal IMO.
I would say the same about their power amps with a touch less vigor..
of all time it has to be the ar turntable(xa and xb variety). still competes with tables several thousand dollars.....most recently the revox elegance cd player. sounds better than my so-called hi end player, and i recently compared it to a new, well known, and well reviewed player that costs nearly 4k. it sounds every bit that players equal. considering its price (around 1k) it makes one wonder how a swiss designed, german built player could be 1/4 the price of a player that has the audiophile community going nuts.
A pair of Klipsch Epic CF3's for $700. It is one of the most enjoyable speakers I have heard in a long time. Great sound with slammin bass. It will also hold its value for the years to come.
Carver Silver 9t monoblocs 900 wpc @ 8 ohms--$1200 used

Luminous Axiom passive preamp $150 (it will blow you away)

Signal Cable Silver Reference speaker cable and interconnects.
Any used Shahinian speaker; I picked up Obelisks for under $1,500. Any VTL amp; I found 300 monoblocks for under $1,500. Two Rotel CD players for $10 each at resale shops. An Accuphase E-202 at an antique shop for $25.
SMGa speakers for $40 at a resale shop. Any used Klipsch speakers and any used, but recent Decware amps. See Triode Electronics for NOS tubes unless you can find them in "antique" shops. Always ask for any cables to be thrown in, the worst answer is "No" and you may get Kimber KCAG interconnects for free like me.
Bought a used McCormack DNA-1 for $800, used it extensively for 8 years, sold it fo $750.

Or used Purist Audio Colossus I/C's & wire; sold for gain after almost 10 years of use.
Apogee Stage speakers. I bought a pair in 1995 new for $2,500 & although I no longer have them they still do wonderful things I have not heard since.
I just purchased a set of vandersteen 1b speakers for $144.00
That is my best value purchase to date.
In all seriousness acoustic reasearch cables for $14. were nearly as good as my bottom end harmonic tech's. River cable. The racket balls I use for isolation. Groove Tube Mullard reissues. Audio Experience. Marantz MA 500's. The old NAD Power Envelope Integrateds which can be had for about $80 now. This in absolute bargain basement terms, not in the OMG this was an f'ing steal sense... Then we would be into tube amps and carbon fiber tone arms, and pretty soon you're convincing yourself five grand is reasonable.
I remember being angry at Cable Co when I first tried the Museaus speaker cable. It just sounded so much better and more expensive than the other stuff in my price range, I thought CC stuck an expensive one in there to make me jump my price point. I was amazed when I found out the price later.

Now that I'm using the PA Musaeus Speaker cables and IC's, it's really made my setup sing. Don't tell Cable Co though, they might get wise and slip a pair of Venustas in my bag next time and really screw me up. ;)
At an impressionable age,I was exposed to my father's Heathkits. They were outstanding values.

I prefer panels(Maggies)to boxes, but for boxes,the Madisound stuff is a good value for money spent.

AVA's Omega Star line pieces are roughly half the prices of their fet/valve pieces. The fet/valve stuff is unquestionably better;I question if it is twice as good for twice the money. The Omega Stars' build quality is Demingesque,the parts quality is excellent,and a good value for money spent.
The single most enjoyable part of any systemI have had since 70 would be the new[04] Merlins I bought.Theres been some other good stuff,but they are no.1,Bob
Placette RVC ($1,000) - Can compete with megabuck preamplifiers in the right system.
IMHO these are my top three items performing above their price and in no particular order: speltz anti-cables, Legend Von Gaylord speakers and the KandK phono stage kit. Jeff
It's a tossup between my old Superphon Basic pre(200$) or my Martin Logan SL3's(1200$).Both completely opened up my system when I bought them and I still run the SL3's.
IRD Audio MB-100's. 100 watt SS Monoblocks that use the same IC chip as the Linn Klimax amps. I'm just breaking them in now, and they already blow away my old AB ultralinear tube integrated. These things are super cheap, around 600 for a pair new with a 3 year warranty. Huge costom Toroid 400v/a. Wonderfully balanced sound-heavily recommended. Love em so far!
Sound Dynamics RTS -3 speakers at their original $150 discounted new price or occasionally on Audiogon for $100-$150. Insert them in an ultra high end system of other equipment and maybe add a REL Storm III sub and you will won't believe your ears.
I second the RTS-3 speakers. If you line the cabinets with NO-REZ dampening(the weakness of this speaker is in the resonating cabinets)then you will have an absolutely incredible little speaker.