What is your favorite cover?

There are many great covers, such as Mr. Tambourine Man,by the Byrds.  I'm curious about everyone's favorite.


Man From Utopia

Court Of The Crimson King

Waka Jawaka

We're Only In For The Money

YardBirds..Eric Clapton; Jimmy Page; Jeff Beck

Reuben And The Jets

Europe '72

Stand Up

Best Of New Riders Of The Purple Sage

Overnite Sensation

Just to name a few.... ☢

Satisfaction by Devo is up there. I saw The Melvins live and they did an incredible cover of Deuce by Kiss. Ella Guru by XTC. 

Sturgill Simpson's cover of In Bloom



Sara Barielles cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


A couple of bluegrass covers:

Someone mentioned Gin and Juice-The Gourds

The Thrill is Gone - Garcia and Grisman

Atlantic City - The Wooks

Dear Prudence - The Wooks

I’m on Fire - Town Mountain

Mary Jane’s Last Breakdown - Keller Williams

Oh Atlanta - Alison Krauss

Shine- Dolly Parton






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Joe Cocker, The Letter, originally a hit by the Box Tops

Grateful Dead, Turn on Your Love Light. Bobby "Blue" Bland first recorded

Another vote for Eva Cassidy’s, Over The Rainbow (don’t remember who wrote the Judy Garland original)

Thankyouforlettingmebemyselfagain, Magazines’ cover of Sly and the Family Stone’s terrific original

Oye Como Va, Santanas’ version of the Tito Puente original.

Laura Nyro’s version of "God Bless the Child" originally performed by Billie Holiday, Al Kooper did a passable version too with the original Blood Sweat and Tears.

Late to the show…just listened to Joan Baez’ version of The Dire Straights Brothers in Arms from the same album.  It can be described in two words (three if you count the and):

Beautiful and Haunting

I agree with Tim Buckley's performance of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Utterly gorgeous. Packed with emotion.