what kind of grease do I use for my SOTA Sapphire bearing?

I have a "how to" video but it doesn't specify the grease


Thanks for correcting me. Years ago, I think they were in CA. In any case, they are very good people who would guide the OP in the right direction.

It is a very heavy, tacky oil they are using. Sota will be happy to sell you a small plastic dropper bottle which will last you 4 lifetimes. Go to their website and get the phone number. If a woman answers with a husky voice that’s Donna.

I thought the bearing is sealed?

In any case if you're DIY then I'd be interested in the results.

It is a very heavy, tacky oil they are using. 

Maybe, but if the gentleman has the original inverted bearing with the sapphire cup, then if I recall correctly that bearing used white lithium grease.

@fosolitude check with SOTA before you wreck your bearing.


Not maybe, I have a bottle staring me in the face at this moment. It is being used in all the bearings as it is superior to lithium grease. It is crazy stuff. You can't wipe it off completely it is so tacky and sticky. It is also hard to wash off your hands. @fosolitude check with Donna to make sure.


I apologize for my response sounding like I was correcting you, I was just trying to inform fosolitude  , Sota was originally manufactured in California ,


No problem. It did seem to me that I used to talk to Donna in CA, when once I owned a Star Sapphire III.