What M/C for Clearaudio Satisfy Tonearm?

I currently have the Performance SE with CMB Magnetic bearing and the Satisfy carbon tonearm plus the Maestro wood M/M cartridge.

I want to try a low output moving coil cartridge which will be used with the Tom Evans Microgroove plus Phono pre.

Budget is $1000-$2000. (Jazz, acoustic, vocals, new age, 70-90's rock, reference recordings)

The reviews show good results with Benz micro Ebony L and
TR both seem to be impossible to get, in addition to Clearaudio.

Anyone have experience to share? Most appreciated!
I don't think you can go wrong with something by Lyra or DV. Both are good, all around products.
I would go on to one of turntable set up websites and use their compliance calculators to make sure those cartridges are compatible with that particular tonearm. I.e is the resonate frequency in the recommended range. I recently ordered a client a cartridge at her request even though the math did not add up the result was not good. I told her upfront and she ended up buying a different cartridge a month later. To stay in budget just research and read up on proper cartridge matching and set up. You will save your self a lot time and money!
I upgraded from the Maestros to a Dynavector XV1S for the same turntable setup for same kind of music. Was going to try one of Clearaudio or Lyra MCs but a nice used XV1S came along. It is good for the next table or arm upgrade too. Good luck.
Thanks for the recommendations. I will browse the TT sites as suggested. I do not want a cartridge that is fussy. I am more of a set it and enjoy it type:>)
I use to have your exact turntable/arm. I used a Clearaudio Talisman V2 moving coil cart. A very good performer for $1300.00 or so. You can probably also get a deal on a Benz SLR Gullwing for a bit over $2K. Another solid performer.

I had a Clearaudio revolution TT with a small tangential arm and a midrange Clearaudio cart. Lovely synergy. I encourage you to consider a Clearaudio cartridge in the $2k range— a great match for your satisfy arm. My favorite listening with that rig was small ensemble jazz and classic rock. Detailed and engaging.

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