What's happened to Taters ?

As odd as this may sound, I miss him and his odd posts !!

Noooooooooooooo.............don't say that!   Honestly other than his constant attacks on rap music I didn't really mind him but perhaps the mods gave him a talking to? Or he gave rap another chance and emerged a changed man? Who can really say.......
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I know, I actually miss Zd's knowledge, experience and forthrightness.  I tend to agree with much of what he says......

maybe they saw the light & are spending their time listening to music rather than posting on audio forums! ;-)
I also thought he was French Fries here, but  may be wrong. He does seem to have a thing for the edible tuber. 
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Did not see eye to eye, ear to ear with melbguy..but principles are important..
Also did not see eye to eye with Melbguy a/k/a Mr. Magico One dare not say anywhere in the forums that Magicos are not objectively and subjectively the best speakers ever made. Melbguy would be there to correct you. That said, I was entertained by his ubiquitous and ferocious championing of the brand ---even though I'm not a fan.  
He bought the 100 top selling Rap albums of all time, and has locked himself in his listening room.
Has anyone ever noticed that you don't see these guys in the same forum at the same time?? 
Taters has been listening to a lot of rap and doesn't have time to post anymore.  Lol.  

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@gpgr4blu @tomic601 I recently re-joined the forum as your’e probably aware, hence this has been my first opportunity to reply. I’ve taken your feedback on board, and re-reading some of my earlier posts from a few years ago, I see I was a bit over-zealous at times. I might be a happy Magico owner, but i’m only interested in helping honestly answer member’s questions where I feel I can contribute. So hopefully you guys will give me a chance, and not feel you have to assign nic names to me like "Mr Magico". I think I deserve some credit for my 30 years experience in this hobby, and having assembled a very high end system through years of sacrifice. Just sayin’.

no worries
i don’t mind the Magico advocacy as you and others might also perceive same from me for Vandersteen- I have and have had no nicknames for you.

My recollection is we parted ways with your comments about my allocation of funds to components not favoring the front end in essence parrot of Ivor ( who I had dealings with in commercial audio , and who I believe is somewhat correct , but also very wrong - but that endless debate is not the subject of this thread )

since - the front end of my system remains much the same NAIM SSD server on HRS isolation and brick, PARDO supply, Synology NAS all on separate circuit with conditioning into an Aesthetix Signature DAC into a REF5se into Vandersteen 7 amps into Vandersteen 7 mk2

wires mostly Wild Blue Yonder

lucky and happy with my choices so far
iF I change anything soon it might be Brinkmann DAC....

i have a different system for Vinyl

peace and good listening to you !
yes 30 years counts !!!!
taters might be seeking Asylum in Canada...

my personal choice would be Nordic if I can take my car and visit in Summer
"I think Oregonpapa might be taters."

You can call me Johnson. You can call me Jackson. Just don't call me "Taters."  :>)
@tomic601 Thanks for your kind words. I didn’t mean to imply you assigned any nic name to me. Anyway that’s all in the past now.

Although I have responded to a couple of Magico threads since I re-joined A’gon, I’m trying to town it down. Suffice to say i’m content with my choice of S5 Mk2’s + SPods. They’re a very complete speaker & don’t have any real weak points.

Though I don’t recall the specifics, I obviously forcefully argued my POV in that previous thread & didn’t give you any oxygen to express your opinion. So I apologize for that. SO starting fresh, congratulations on your fine system! The Vandersteen 7 Mk2’s are well sorted & terrific speakers, especially paired with the Vandersteen water-cooled mono’s. Your front end source looks good. That’s a well worn path these days.

I’m a bit old school and run a Vitus SCD-025Mk2 cdp as my main source, though I plan to add a high end server/streamer transport in future & connect that to the Vitus’s excellent dac. Then when my cd collection gets out of control one day, the end game for me will be running a similar setup to yours; ie: a NAS, JRiver or similar software on my laptop run via Cat 6 cable to something like a Boulder 2120 dac/streamer. That’s a good solution for a huge library of cd’s, but a long way off for me.

See you ’round the forums 😎.
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