What's the oddest thing in your music collection?

For me, it's a CD titled "Kashmir: The Symphonic Led Zeppelin".

Yes, it's Led Zeppelin songs played by The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

It's actually quite interesting, to me anyways. For a review and sampling the music, see:

So, what's the oddballs in your collections?



"Hot Rod Charlie Ryan". The LP is the same tune through 90% of the record. The story of Hot Rod Lincoln goes on and on

I have the Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen version of Hot Rod Lincoln.

"the sounds of mental illness

Ladies and gentlemen, We have a winner!!!

If I wanted to hear the sounds of mental illness I’d turn on MSNBC. :-)

In my collection I have some old National Lampoon albums, like "Radio Dinner" and "Lemmings".  Also, I have some Firesign Theatre albums, "Waiting For the Electrician",  "Don't Crush That Dwarf", etc.


For most of his life Frank Zappa wanted to be a "serious" "classical" composer. Not only is his rock and fusion music often infused with influences of Varese and Webern but he wrote contemporary classical music throughout. The problem is he could never find anybody he felt was willing to put in the time or effort to play it the way he heard it in his head. Boulez was enough of a believer to conduct some of Zappa's music but Zappa believed even he didn't rehearse the pieces enough for the orchestra to get all of the rhythms right.

Then came The Yellow Shark Project initiated by the Ensemble Modern. They took a year to learn all of the intricacies of the music, not just getting all of the rhythms right, but the feel and emotion as well. Although critically ill, Zappa was able to attend the opening, conducting a few pieces, and hear his music the way he "envisioned" it. He also got to hear the thunderous applause and read the often-times conservative critics' rave reviews. It took him a life time, but he was finally considered a serious contemporary composer by the music establishment.