What's up with the Rega Apollo CD player?

I've been looking to buy a Rega Apollo to use (mostly) as a CD transport, and have been noting that lots of folks are offering them at "closeout" prices. Is this unit about to go the way of so many before it? If so, think it would be unwise to buy one, on the assumption that repairs (and parts) will soon enough be unavailable?

I had an earlier Apollo and liked it, which is why I had been leaning in this direction. That said, I don't want to find that the transport mechanism can't be found, etc. if something goes wrong.


-- Howard



Rega isn't making the Apollo any longer.  Just reach out to the company and ask them if there will be issues with repairs/parts; no one here is likely to know.

I don’t know what equipment you have, but if you have a decent streamer and DAC, why not just rip the CDs and play from a hard drive or server?

Rega Apollo's were always going on sale, even when current.

Now that it is discontinued, I bet you can score one for almost nothing.

It is a good transport, and I doubt you'd have any issues with it. At that price, you can just buy another.




And then not have to worry about parts being discontinued 

I owned the Apollo when it first came out.  It was one of the first players that would put the first 10 seconds or so of a track in a memory and the scan it for errors before playing it.  Unfortunately it rejected a slew of discs that played fine on other players even after they had been cleaned to exacting standards.  The shop I was dealing with wouldn’t take it in trade due to this, saying that customers were complaining about it.

That must explain why I thought it was so freakin slow in going about playing music after I inserted a CD when I spent some time with it!