What speakers are hooked up to your computer?

In your office that is, not in your main system...

I'm sitting here listening to my computer speakers, because I am ripping CDs for my soon to purchased Ipod. (Needed for airplanes and the gym, not because I think compressed music sounds good. ANd Ipod because of Audible format 4. Audio books are awesome.) I haven't listened to them in ages, because my Von Schwikert system is in the next room. Usually, I just listen to my VR2s even though I'm not in the room. :)

I have a Cambridge Soundworks MC500s and sub in my office. God does it sound like crap! I can't believe that I used to think they sounded good. I'm disabled right now, so I'm not working and don't spend that much time in from of my computer. Not worth upgrading right now, but I was curious what people who actually spend time with their computers are listening to. I wonder if I could set up a pair of VSA VR1s to my computer. Think $750-$100 is too much for computer speakers? :)
I use B&W Solid monitors which work really great in conjunction with my Sony MXS-10 multi media computer.

You may have to add a good sound card if it does not have a good one.

Works GREAT!

Hope this helps.
I listen through my Sennheiser headphones or use an outboard USB Dac hooked into my stereo system. The Dac is made by Stereo-link and has a headphone output with volume control.

Four Monsoon flat panel speakers with a Monsoon subwoofer and they sound great!
Look into picking up a pair of powered, shielded studio monitors. I have a pair of Genelec 1029A's, which can definitely be found in your price range, new even (although I got mine used). These are fantastic speakers for their size, and have been used in many recording studios. You can get a matched subwoofer, but I have been using mine without the sub, and they sound great to me. These will absolutely kill any "computer speakers" on the market, though I do believe that Monsoon and Klipsch make the best of that lot.

In addition to the Genelecs (which I highly recommend), you may also want to consider such brands as Tannoy, NHT, Alesis, Event, KRK and Fostec.

Hope this helps, Tom.