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My quest which I started three years ago to find my dream speakers resulted in a lot of lists and comparisons. It occurred to me that I had not seen a comprehensive, free and user-friendly databases of loudspeakers and maybe there should be one.  Maybe others would find it useful (although no one is as OCD with lists as I am :) )

Others - meaning my kind - budget, beginner, not advanced audiophiles like you guys. So it may not mean much to you but still, any feedback would be appreciated. 

speakers (

I know it's amateurish - my design skills suck, the only value in it is the data and possibly the search and comparison features. 

Last but not least, and I won't name names not to exclude anyone, thank you people for helping me to put together this web site, with direct feedback and advice over the years about how to find the ideal gear. Several of you also gave me awesome components for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you fellow members!


That is a pretty cool site! Thanks for all the work that went into it, and thanks for sharing. 

Nice list, but as many speaker brands as there are on the list, there are hundreds more not listed. There are just so many brands that it is overwhelming.

Hi Gabor,


Thanks a million for all your efforts and dedication to put together this awesome website to help audiophiles choose their speakers.


I see you have included the most important metrics covering 81 speaker companies and 309 speaker models


I like how you can filter your choices based on brand, price, sensitivity, number of drivers, weight, etc., in addition to the global search to narrow down your selection.


I find your hyperlinks to each speaker company very useful.


I like how you have implemented the Only Selected and Show All options for easy comparisons.

You can make multiple selections by holding down the <Shift> or <Ctrl> Keys while checking the boxes.


Your website presents a ton of useful information via a simple, intuitive user interface.


This will be a great time saver for those embarking on their research to find the best pair of speakers for their own unique needs and listening environment.




David Das

A nice list with a LOT of labor behind it.  But as others have mentioned, there are many brands missing, including some major manufacturers.  For just the letter A, I notice several brands that I like a lot thar are missing—Acapella Acoustics, Arion Audio, and Audio Note (uk).  

It might be interesting if visitors to your site could somehow register their approval of specific models, perhaps a one to five star rating system.

@grislybutter ,

A big kudos to you!

Talk about making it easy to peruse, compare and choose.

Your hard work has made it exponentially easier for those searching for their first or next speaker.

Well done!

Perhaps suggestions from those here to add to the list if grisly is up for it.

I'll start with an A/B suggestion:

Ascend Acoustics line and add the Buchardt a10.

Oh, and definitely Philharmonic Audio.

Wonderful quality at very reasonable prices.



Nice job and great list. All these British brands should be included!👍👍👍👍👍




Stirling Broadcast





Wilson Benesch

Acoustic Energy

Neat Acoustics

Pearl Acoustics

Thank you all for the kind words.

@daviddas thank you! Again, I couldn’t have gotten here without your help!

@tomic601 thank you! You inspired a lot of my efforts, to "give back" to the community, in kind.

All of you who mentioned that a lot is missing: very true. Not only that, since I began, many models went out of production. Just to keep the list up to date is going to be a task. Nevertheless, I will add all I can. I had to set a goal (~300) otherwise I would have been collecting data forever. I also have a dilemma of more data on what I have or more models.

@larryi @thecarpathian @yogiboy I will add these items, thank you.
I tried to do a sample. a few from each region, a few from each price range, etc., nevertheless I didn’t want to exclude (or upset) any important brands,

I also thought of a few more features, such as mapping where they can be heard but that’s a bit more time than I have.

@shtinkydog many thanks to you too :)

Back to updating the list....



It might be interesting if visitors to your site could somehow register their approval of specific models, perhaps a one to five star rating system.

that's a cool idea. As soon I get some traction and traffic, I will look into it.

WOW nice job buddy you put some effort in that and even has the Revel Studio Salons one of my Favs and many more on there. So Thanks again.

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Very cool...lots of good info there.  That's a great reference.  I never knew there was so many great speakers that aren’t particularly efficient, yet can still sound amazing.

@knotscott thank you! I admit, I still find errors here and there (100 hours visual cut and paste) so hopefully it reflects those data accurately.


@zo6ak Thanks! Those Revels are one of the highest regarded speakers on these pages

@larryi ,

Good idea!

Leave a 1-5 star review of speakers they've tried.

I know, easy for me to say!!

Great job! Nothing amateurish about the database. Really a great contribution!

Sweeeeet!!! Love it; you even have my Marten Parker Duos in there - this is very useful.... 

My Chrome browser does say 'Not Secure' when I go there, though... I'm not entering any data, so I don't think I need be concerned. 

Nice work there. You put a lot of effort into it and it shows. So glad to see you included Revival Audio. 👍

All the best,

It's amazing how many really good speakers there are out there.  It's unlike any other category in this hobby.   

Some other brands that make good speakers, in my opinion, include Songer Audio and Pure Audio Project.

@grislybutter ....One of the most impressive DIY projects that one doesn't have to resort to YT to enjoy and make use of....👍+10 to the tenth...

(If anyone knows our OP personally, please go buy a round or three of the fav...;)...)

One source (yeah, you knew 'this' was pending....)....

....only seen ONCE in the marketplace....

Either a very well-kept secret....or so awful that it's embarrassing to mention in polite (or not very?) company....

Anyone?  Curious entity is still such....


Bravo! Really a cool, labor extensive and useful list. My only suggestion is that more product model numbers should be added. For example, eventually include the entire Tekton line and follow suit with other speaker manufacturers to plot their entire speaker models on the site. And one rather large error, do not use the word "base" in describing woofers as you did on the list. The correct  terminology  for a low frequency driver  is a "bass" driver. Just like the fish. Thanks for the list.


thanks for the correction, I will fix it.

I agree that more models would be good. However, it's a sample database, not a comprehensive one. If it were, I would be doing this full time. It was just a weekend project. Well. about 7 weekends. But I am interested in adding more models, just not across the entire model line, more like everything between 1 and 5K. 


Thanks for doing all of this work. Impressive and helpful.

A thought on how you could expand this database and minimize effort. You may have already thought of this and decided not to pursue.

Reach out to speaker makers and ask if they would like to submit their speakers (in a format that you would provide) so you could just upload their data and expand your database.


Wow!! So much data!! I maxed out the memory of my Apple IIc all the way out to 64k, and STILL couldn’t fit it all in.

But, seriously, this is pretty awesome. Very nicely done. Intelligent and intuitive layout. As one who has spent a fair amount of time attempting to illustrate objects in simple graphic form, I can appreciate the amount of work that went into it.

I was (past tense) pretty proud of the survey I designed and placed on AudioGon. You win.

What a great list. The sorting ability is huge. Thank you. with a little publicity, some work to make it more complete, you can monitize it and do pretty well I would think.

The suggestion to add ratings has been made and is a double edged sword. It will cause tremendous controversy and lots of work for you. O’TOH, if you monitize it ratings will gather a lot of clicks. If you crowdsource ratings you will get positives from owners (almost always) and negatives from sour grapers and trolls....there will be a tremendouse amount of work policing and managing arguments.

Maybe you’ve made some omissions, and maybe this isn’t the area you focus on, but this list shows how few good speakers there are for the SET crowd, i.e., sensitivity of 95 and above.

Thans for your work and best of luck however you move forward. I have bookmarked the page.


Hey, categorize all speakers by sensitivity! And price! And country of origin!

(Although sensitivity is a pretty cracking idea.)

You’re not gonna have a free weekend for a loooong time...😉

@jperry I think it’s a great idea, thank you, I am moving it the top of my list. It would make it very easy for me. I thought of two more flags, "discontinued" and "new" which then the manufacturers could give me too.

I did reach out to a lot of them to get or clarify data. At that point I had nothing to show. Out of 20 (repeated) requests, I received 2 responses. Hopefully it would be different this time.

@waytoomuchstuff we all win :)

@thecarpathian I will start with geography/maps which is part of my day job. I am still too dumb about which measurements really matter. All your suggestions are added to my todo my list :)

@carlsbad2 I agree with you, ratings can be a pain. But my biggest concern is that without critical mass, it will be more confusing than valuable. It would also be counterproductive to my goal (I think) because it would further popularize the best selling models and "leave" the unknowns behind. My goal is to show the breadth of options and thereby help the "little guy" - to give choices besides the "Toyotas and BMWs"


What a great site Grisly! Lots to fun to surf .  Thank you for the hard work and clever idea.  I'll bet some speaker manufacturers would buy ad space on this site if you choose to monetize it. 


Wow! It's very impressive.I can barely imagine the amount of work you put into that.

@yesiam_a_pirate thank you! I suck at monetizing things so I usually get "in the shed" on the weekend for the labor of love :)  But nothing is free in life, so yes, adding new features and data would be boosted if it was run a bit less like a hobby.

@falconquest the items on the list are companies I have heard of or read about. I knew of Legacy Audio but I had zero context.  I will add it of course. Please forgive me, it won't happen again :)

@grislybutter ,

Looking great!

One word smithing suggestion; I wouldn’t use the term ’space age’. The space age has existed since 1957. I suggest ’cutting edge’ or similar. Never understood why that term didn't wither decades ago...


Great list! How did you decide which models to include for the brands you selected? I see you have Rockport Atria ii and Lyra but not the Avior ii. Thanks again for all your hard work! 



good list but very incomplete....2/3 of the speakers on the world market are not on this list...but thank you for's only a start.

@ronboco I did what I could, I started with cheapest and most expensive model and then one from each category of 1-2K, 6-10K, 16-20K. Then I tried to make sure to have a somewhat even representation of a company's selection. For big brands, I added at least 5 models.

@mbmi if it’s 1/3 already, that would be sweet. But it’s probably even less.