What speakers for Primaluna

Would be interested in knowing what audio speakers other PrimaLuna owners have found to match well.
I currently use a pair of Triangle Celius ESW supplemented by a REL R305 sub and a pair of Townsend super tweaters.
I have an interest in the newer Triangle Anthal 30th Anniversary modle, but getting your hands on a pair is a real pain due to distribution problems and a few number of dealers. I am looking into alternatives equal in sonics and will match well with my components.
I use the PL Prolouge 3 (pre), 5 (36 tube watts-hi current x-former), and 8 (CDP)

Any advise would be helpful and appreciated

Thank You
I'm using Reference 3A de Capos with my PL2. Love the sound. The PL2 also sounded very good with a pair of Klipsch Quartets.
Thank You for taking the time to add to this thread.
I will look further into your suggestions. If you come across any other speaker that matches well, please let me know. Im probably going to give myself untill the end of June to make up my mind and purchase some new speakers.
Thanks again, Brad
i havent heard this but there are a few that like it very much for the Primalunas

havent seen them for sale much

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I would second the Klipsch suggestion, I use Cornwalls myself. Any high efficiency speaker should sound at least pretty good with the PrimaLuna's. Another speaker I have heard them through is the ProAc Studio 140's, and that was a nice combo.
My Merlin VSMs are a great match for my PL 7 monos. Can't swear that they'll be quite as happy with the 5, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was a great match.
Good Luck.

I am using a pair of Spica Angelus and love the sound. needs bass for many. Also using CEC TL51XR.
I really like my Tekton 6.5t on good rigid stands. 92db with good range and I have them about 12" from the rear wall.