What to use in polishing high quality wood speaker

I'm wondering what I should use to polish expensive Dynaudio speakers. Any suggestions?
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Citrus cleaner for wood follows by a bees wax polish for wood. Just read the label to be sure there is no alcohol. But the bees wax seals and the shine is determined by how much you want to buff.
More important than the wood product is the technique and tools. Use only 100% cotton towels or microfiber cloths and rub gently in straight lines to avoid scratching. No paper towels. As to product, probably any decent wood spray will work, depending on the finish. If it's a high-gloss poly finish, you're not even touching the wood itself, only the poly.
When I had original C1's in cherry I used a wood cream. When I got the C1 Sig's I use a good (no swirl) auto wax like Meguires NXT - Turtle wax liquid ice or Mothers quick detailer. Of course use a micro fiber cloth.
Avalon Acoustics encourages their owners to use Stewart McDonald Preservation Polish (stewmac.com). Whatever you use, stay away from silicone based products.
How about renaissance wax. This is what museums use for their priceless collections. Expensive, but a little bit goes a long way. Found at high end woodworking stores like Woodcraft and Rockler to name a couple.
See what Dynaudio recommends. Chayro is right, you are probably working on the poly finish, not the wood. Be careful, good intentions on this can lead to unfortunate results.
My dealer guy (place I bought my Proacs) told me to use Daddy Van's Unscented Beeswax Polish. It's not silicon based, no alcohol.