When You Buy The Whole Album And Only Like One Song.

Over fifty years of buying music, I've bought scores of albums because of one track...only to find out that one track was the only one on the entire album that was listenable to me.

'Losalamitoslovesong'.... by Gene Harris on the 'Astralsignal' album is but one example.









I have had that experience. I had pre-ordered the latest Roger Waters album, "Is This The Life We Really Want", what an utter disappointment. The entire album is pure rubbish. How many times does one have to say the F bomb in a song? I counted something like 12 or 13 times in one song. My wife was like that is the worst music she ever heard. It wasn’t just the swearing, it sounded like one big political statement that I don’t agree with, and had I known, I wouldn’t have bought it.

From my Avitar, its obvious I am a big fan of PF and all the individual artists within the band. I have everything they have done together and as individuals so when I say it's bad, trust me.  It is so bad, its embarrassing.

Even if you are a true music lover (many aren't) your musical taste buds must be trained just as your taste buds for food must be trained. The first time I heard Led Zeppelin in '69, I didn't care for it. But it touched something to the point that I said, "Lets play it again." I had the same reaction to every other Zep album, even though I am a big Zep fan and John Bonham protege.

That said, I still have not developed the taste for jazz and female vocals. I've tried and it just doesn't move me. So I don't buy anymore even though  Elusive Disk sends me emails with their latest audiophile music (jazz & female vocals) and tell me how fabulous it is. It isn't to me. Quite honestly it isn't to 98-99% of the US. But many audiophiles buy this stuff because they think the SHOULD like it. been there, ain't going back.I am a classic rock, blues  fan who bought my first album in 1963 (beach Boys Live) I had to train my musical taste buds at first,  to like most all the music on an album. I still like most all the music on an album I buy.

The question is are you listening to the right music? The right music is music you like, not necessarily what someone else thinks is posh or "sophisticated".

Two LPs that fit this description for me were Billy Cobham’s “Spectrum” and Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”.  Bought both of these during the early/mid 70s…the Cobham LP purely on the strength of a short passage of the track, “Stratus” that I was enamored of enough to rush out and get the album after hearing the music-in-question in the wee hours of morning played over Houston’s “K101” (KLOL) by the muchly remembered DJ, “Crash”.  For years, I had no use for either disc save for the snippet/beginning of “Stratus” and Greenbaum’s signature single.  At 65, the entire Billy Cobham album is one of my perennial favorites though…….Jury’s still out on the “filler” material in the Greenbaum disc.  I’ll give it another listen later today and see if anything’s changed.


My wife and I used to drive to Oakland to hear live Jazz and most of the audiences were comprised of old white guys, some with female companions. That club was one of the finest venues for live Jazz in the country and now, very rarely offers it. Instead, they book smooth (so called) Jazz and contemporary R&B. Listening to the Allmans, Santana, Sons of Champlin, Boz Scaggs and the Dead led me quite naturally to Jazz. Duane Allman said he listened to Kind Of Blue every day for years and he was very fluent, indeed, at modal improvisation. So unlike you, I don't hear Jazz as something distant and or unrelated from/to Rock. And I find it very engaging, on many levels. . . different strokes. . . 





I have no problem with what other's like to listen. For me, it just doesn't move me. I've never really cared for female vocals but I tried to see what it might do over a good system. Again, it just doesn't move me.I like some jazz IE David Sanborn, Lee Ritenaur, & Joe Sample. But i suspect this is as much Pop as jazz. Even Dire Straits doesn't move me . But its mostly due to the melancholy nature of the vocals IMO. This doesn't mean that I do not acknowledge their ability. But it doesn't connect with me. And I'm sure there is music which I love which others don't get either

However there does seem to be an inordinate love for female vocals & jazz among audiophiles. Because of my curiosity, this sparks my question of whether the OP (and others) are listening to it because it is the "in thing" to do. Or do they truly like it. If the later, then great. You seem to fit that group.