Where are the Exogal Vortex streamers?

According to an announcement by Exogal  back in November 2017, the Vortex series of streamers were to be released early this year. Does anyone know what's happening with them? I can only find info on Facebook, but no actual release date.
Hi! Sorry for the delay... It's tough to keep up with all the forums and all the threads.

Our planned release date was June 1 (yes, that one three weeks ago!) Since we decided to remove MQA from our products there is going to be a slight delay while we UnF... er... redesign them and we'll be adding some features that weren't to be allowed if we supported MQA. 

Again, sorry for the delayed response!
@exogal_ceo, What are the features and capabilities of the Vortex Streaming Network Hub?   What sources will it stream from?   And, as noted above, what additional features are you adding since you are dropping MQA support?   Thanks.   
Thanks for the update exogal_ceo.  I'm looking forward to it . The Comet Plus DAC is fantastic sounding piece as it is.
The Vortex streamer line up is posted on the Exogal website, but no release date as of yet.  Maybe exogal_ceo would chime in here?
There is no release date yet, but look for an announcement very soon. The Vortex X1 will be the first released, followed by the other models probably a few weeks later.

When I redesigned the website a while ago I opted to include the Vortex information.

You can keep informed by subscribing to our mailing list on the website.

Brian Walsh
Sales Representative
Hi Brian: Well, I took your advice and subscribed to the mailing list on the Exogal website and have received nothing. Do the Vortex  streamers actually exist? I really don't understand why Exogal is doing this. Very disappointing. Jeff
I'm glad that folks are excited for the release of the Vortex and nobody's more frustrated than we are about how long it's taken us to get them out. Someday, I'm gonna write a book about what goes on when you develop a state of the art product from scratch... Especially with things like streaming media where there is a lot of evolution still occurring in the underlying and backbone technologies. For now, though, let me put it this way: would you be more frustrated if we released a buggy product that's vulnerable to evolution, or if it's delayed until it's right and future proofed? There's an old saying in product development: "Nobody remembers late, everyone remembers crap." Just be patient a little longer and we think you'll be happy with what we've done. By the way, the unpredictable nature of innovation is why we don't want to take your money until we can deliver the product. Too many audio companies announce a product, start selling it, and then frustrate the paying customer with BS excuses. Meanwhile, they've got your money. We don't do that. Yes, we're late. We're doing different things. There's a million little details to get right. We want you to be happy when you use our products, not frustrated. FWIW, we'll never announce another product until we're <30 days from shipping and we'll never make our roadmap public again. We're embarrassed by the entire industry's comfort with preemptive vaporware announcements and while we've been an unwitting participant in that, we're no longer going to be a part of it, willingly or unwillingly.

For now, though, let me put it this way: would you be more frustrated if we released a buggy product that's vulnerable to evolution, or if it's delayed until it's right and future proofed?

I can say from a recent experience with another manufacturer that I wished they would have waited a bit to longer to work out the kinks than rush their product to market. The product in question had many features I was looking for, but specifically being a combined DAC/streamer, and a very good DAC at that IMO. The streamer part...meh. I'll be keeping my eye out on the Exogal.
are the Vortex Streaming devices shipping yet? I have a Comet Plus and while I love the sound quality, especially DSD, I am frustrated by intermittent issues with my sonore UltraRendu (Roon server connected via ethernet); Now and then the DAC crashes and I think it's an issue with a non-windows USB driver and XMOS8 USB controller. If I could keep the amazing sonic performance of the Exogal Comet plus and Roon integration, I would be one happy camper. Bring on Exonet. I love to hate USB. 
Apparently the Vortex models are not in production despite the fact that they are all listed and described in detail on the company site. That is extremely odd. I wanted to buy one and had to dig around to figure this out. There is no longer an application to run the Comet via iPhone so the whole thing has rather fallen apart.