Where can I find speaker feet?

I'm looking for a set of feet similar to the feet used on NHT, and Audio Physic speakers for my Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods. I've seached the archives here and done a rudimentary through google with no luck. I suppose I could purchase them through NHT but thought I'd try here first. Thanks.
You could also try falcon acoustics here in the UK.Their prices are in pounds sterling but they have quite a good selection this is the accessories page.Check shipping cost first but dont think prices will be out of range.
Also try Audiopoints from Star Sound Technologies. I have a pair of nice brass feet (similar to Audiopoints) that have a 3/16 thread that I'm selling if you are interested in those. Email me for photos.
Buy audiopoints from Star Sound Technology; exellent product with great sonics. Robert will take care of you. www.audiopoints.com
Know a an Adcom rep who brought into our shop about five years ago a foot which comn\bined a opoint with a capture ball bearing for isolation.If you have wood floors (or even less cement/tile but a bit less so)and want to know how good your speakers sound look up Sound Anchor stands/platforms.From smal monitors with spikes on thier 24" stands to big say B&W 801 where the heavy slanb of iron.They decouple the speaker and improve sound through pure weight.My buddy's jaw dropped when we put some 6" tall ovals (the speakers shape) where the "stands" (with some floorstanders some called them platforms) have on ethier bottoms four feet that don't need cups or anything to protect floor then the *03N eith their carpet spikes into indents specifically to hold them and speaker sercurely.No other mod to your speakers maybe even your system can make as much difference as deadening the floor underneath an decopling the speakers from the floor (in this case it's like doing twice).Bob has sold me a number of pairs and has especially designed ones for most brands of speakers (instead of just giving you a generic one or making custom ones as he does for speakers,racks,amp stand etc) he can pull down a modelkl which has been paiunstaikngly desigened for your speakers).When B&W them selves designed the (beautifull) aluminum stands for their 805 monitors had the mass at the botttom where it looked better.Warzalla and his team eested and retested and thier model loads the mass just BELOW th speaker beacuse that's what SOUNDED BETTER.Call him an dzI am sur he could throws set of spiles ad who knows he might just work out a trial`purchase.Small monitors to coffin size floorstabnders they can be the most cost effective accessory youn can get.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Audiopoints.com had what I am looking for. Unfortunately, the Sistrum platforms cost nearly what I paid for the speakers. Think I'll contact NHT or go the DIY route. Thanks again.

Don't buy sistrum stands, just the four points to screw in the bottom of each speaker; this will give you excellent results and give your speakers rock solid support. The stands are nice and probably work, but I am with you, the cost is high.