Where has the respect gone?

I have a middle of the road audio system. I built my own speakers with a Seas Odim kit, a Rogue 99 mag., a Esoteric DV-50, built my own 200 watt power amp, BPT 3.5 Signature Plus, upgraded Sansui TU-717, Revelation Audio Labs Testament speaker wire, HMS rca's and power cords and Virtual Dynamics Testament power cord and Soundstrings rca's too! I have many other pieces I am working on and trying to sell but I have started to notice a trend in some Audiogon members. It is kinda getting like other internet selling places, where there is no respect for each other. I am like everyone else and that I want the best deal but I try to be respectful to the seller or buyer. I have probably not been that to all and for that I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness. It seems like lately things are starting to change and I do not believe it is necessary to change. I have not been a member from the first but it makes no difference if I was the first member or the last member, just sign in we need to have respect for each other. I hate to see Audiogon turn into what some of the others are in lying and cheating for a dollar or just being rude. Let us all remember to respect the other person and let this stay a fun job, hobby or whatever it my be to you! Remember it starts with us all!
I am sure I have been a jerk here on more than one occation. Annoying, I suppose. Never with intent, but perhaps because of general ignorance and carelessness. Most of the time I will observe this- question it (in retrospect) and I do feel sorry when I feel I may have acted in an offensive manner, especially when I have offered an opinion where I am ill equipt to offer one. enthusiasm overrides reason, and I know this is not helpful, and I know it can even be annoying. So, I officially apologize to all those I have offended here. Truly! But my point is, that even as I know myself I know that I am not alone in this sort of behavior. People can act in a disrespectful manner without intent- would, in fact, be upset if they thought they were doing so. Whereas I may not know very much about audio (sigh), I know this is true. I have always been impressed by the way members here seem to understand this, and have by large shown great tolerance and understanding when confronted with disrespectful behavior. Asking for respect is just another way in which people act respectfully. Demanding it is not. If you are asking where the respect has gone, you might also take time to consider where you yourself have placed it.
Ezekiel, thanks for the opening. To be honest, I've been posting only for the past year on Agon, though I've intermittently followed threads over the past three or four years. While some exchanges have become contentious, the great bulk are engaging and full of useful information or insight. My profession requires that I scan weblogs on a regular basis and the behavior at some of those sites are much more discomforting. Obviously, several things are at play on BBs where the members get to know each other, at least in the electronic sense: familiarity (often) breeds contempt, and, there's no accounting for taste (in latin, de gustibus non est disputandem). I agree with Lugnut that intelligent, measured - and whenever possible - kind responses will result in more productive exchanges. And this is about high end audio - if only we could convince our politicians to debate more important issues in a rational, dialectic fashion.
I have a member sending me nasy emails for years. He left me a - feedback thinking I was somebody else he realized his mistake and retracted but still sends me insulting emails. Other members dont seem to read the add ask ? like does it have a box or where are you located what is the condition ,these are all covered in the add .But I still answer.Then you get the bottom dollar guys ,you list a very low firm price.And they ask many many ? like above, only to follow with whats your bottom dollar. As a child I sold antiques and live bait later used motorcycles .People act dif. when they want to purchase .I havent seen a increase , its just human nature.
Yes, there are many nice people on Audiogon, but there are others that are rude, condescending, insulting, and just downright nasty. They seem to thrive on degrading those who ask questions they think are stupid, or those they have taken a dislike to. And some of these are popular posters on Audiogon as well. Interestingly, I note that some of those I'm thinking of have not posted to this thread. That should tell you something. I've taken some of their abuse in my threads.

You are absolutely correct, this should be a place where people have a common bond and be thankful that they can meet and converse with others that share this hobby. It's nice that you, Ezekial, have had the guts to stand up and say this, and I'm glad you did.