Where to buy metal grills for custom cabinet door?

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I am moving into a new condo and am building a semi-custom cabinet setup for my audio equipment. I'll be buying some used normal cabinets, removing the doors and building the new ones. I would like to use the metal grate-style doors that allow heat exchange but still hide most of the inside.

Any ideas about how I can DIY these doors, ie, where can I buy the metal grate style inserts? (think "Salamander" equipment doors, but a lot cheaper. For a specific example, google "salamander style 221.").

Any and all help is much appreciated.
Here is one source
Check out some return air grills for hvac equipment. They come in lots of styles and sizes.
Thanks for the advice so far.

The Rockler site has some options, but they are very pricey and I am looking for something with finer holes so that what is behind the grills is less visible (wife factor).

anyone else?
What about pegboard with a decorative grill in front of it? Ace Hardware carrys sheets of brass expanded metal that might be lower in price. But it will have a larger hole, paint pegboard black and with the brass in front would provide a decent look.
I was thinking something like this.

http://www.hartandcooley.com/products/l-series/linear-diffuser-for-ceiling-sidewall-or-floor-applications?url=grilles-registers-and-diffusers-grd%2Fcommercial-grds%2Flinear-diffusers .
There are other company's including web dealers that should handle this and other similar items. You are not in the trade so Hart & cooley may not deal with you directly.
If you can remove the center panels from the existing doors then replace them with perforated sheet metal available form your local metal supplier. Any reputable outfit will even cut them to size for you. Then either have them sprayed in the desired color or even better powder coat them before installation.


Above just one option, search your local area.

Best of luck


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