Which amp for Arcam FMJ CD 33 and B&W

I am trading up all my Rotel gear. I recently acquired an Arcam FMJ cd33 which replaced the Rotel 1072. The speakers are B&W 704 and the amp/preamp are Rotel 1070s. Can anyone recommend a good amp/preamp to match the Arcam CD and B&W speakers?

I recently auditioned the McCormack DNA-125 and RLD preamp. It was nice but seemed to have a neutralizing quality, somehow masking what I thought were some of the best characteristics of the CD player. When I still had the Rotel CD player I auditioned the new Krell 400 integrated. The presentation of the music was fantastic, but I thought that, perhaps because it was an integrated, the sound was constrained, poor instrument separation. So I began thinking that a used Krell KAV 250 with requisite preamp might be the way to go.

Any advice? Thanks, RP
I have/had somewhat similar gear. An FMJ CD 23 originally paired with an Arcam FMJ A22 integrated coupled with B&W CDM 9NTs, the precursor of the 704s. For long I used a tube preamp(ARC LS2B and now ARC SP 16) with a Bryston (originally 4BST and now 14BST).The 14 BST is temporarily kaput.
It all depends on your budget. If you want to go the integrated route the Krell is a great choice.If you prefer separates the Bryston with a tube preamp is IMHO a heavenly choice. I have no experience of the Krell power amps but reckon that it might be a bit of an overkill.
Trust your ears and what sounds good in your listening arena.
Best of luck.
I currently own an Roksan Caspian MKII int with much success when I had my B&W P5's. The dark nature of Roksan offsets the metal dome tweeter and was very listenable because I to had Rotel at first. Rotels gear made the B&W's bright and hard until I brought home the Roksan and it was magic.