Which amp offer free trial at home?

I want to buy a tube integrated amp for my Talon Khorus, but I want to have a chance to try it first. Are there any amp dealers or manufactors allow me to do that?
audio advisor use to sell JOLIDA...dont know if they still do.they may have a couple left.they have a 30 day no questions asked return policy.
David, will you drive Khorus with JOLIDA???
If they have such policy, can I get NUVISTA amp for 30 days?
If this is OK than that's the better way to drive Khorus(but to mee still not enough)
Ask you local dealers. Most of them allow home trial. Some will ask for a security deposit, some may allow you to borrow for free, depending on your relationships with them.
Llano offers a 30 day home trial- they sell a ss model and a hybrid that allows you to change tubes- the Trinity. I haven't heard them.
I agree with Sidssp,ie it's mostly a dealer policy thing. But if you audition their equipment, and like it, you should be prepared to buy from them. Good Luck. Craig
Garfish is absolutely right. I bought most of my electronics from the local dealers. I have built very good relationships with them over the years and am able to home trial almost anything. They even deliver equipment to my home and audition with me. Supporting local dealers are very important.
Alta Vista's Mike Elliott, (the former president and chief designer at Counterpoint,) is introducing a new amp .. Aria. With a 30 day free home trial. Here's the link ......
...... http://www.ariaaudio.com/index.html
As you probably know, Alta Vista's specialty is upgrading Counterpoint products. Over the last couple of years Mike has upgraded two counterpoint SA-220's for me and the results were incredible!
It was obvious that Mike was itching to design and build a new product, and Aria is it. In conversations with Mike about the new product, he said " I've learned a lot since I designed the products at Counterpoint, and I've put all I've learned into Aria."
I believe him.
My highly modified SA-220's are the finest sounding amps I've ever experienced! If the Mikes Aria's are equal ........ they will be winners!
If you have any questions, give him a call at Alta Vista. The toll free number is 877.517.4247
Bigboy -

If I were you, I'd fire off an e-mail to Jtinn and find out about an in-home audition of the Tenor amps. Tenor makes a helluva fine amplifier, and one that should work quite well with the Khorus. I sell a few amps that would work also, and I offer in-home auditions, but I don't think I can offer you a better matchup for your Khorus than the Tenor amps.

Best of luck to you!