Which class d amp?

Hi,looking for advice on which amp to purhcase in this cateogry. Nuforce, Wyred4 Sound, Bel Canto or Spectron.

Can anyone help?

You may want to check out http://www.digitalamp.com.

The Cherry and 4800 amps have sounded great in my system during long and short borrowings, respectively. Powering VonSchweikert VR4JRs.

Although my system is not the same as it was when I owned the CIAD200s or borrowed the 100 watt Rotel ICE amp, I feel that the DAC amps sounded better than I remember the other Class Ds sounding.

Gobs of power yet very clean w/out being etched. Complete control top to bottom, soft to loud. Not based on ICE or UcD, they are a proprietary design.

There is a new version of the Cherry coming out but I have not heard it.

(Disclaimer - I'm getting to be friends w/ the owner/designer, so take the above as you will - Won't hurt to check them out though)

Its more about synergy with your components, source through to the speakers. I am driving my VR-4JRs with Bel Canto IcePower monoblocks and they work very well together. It would help if you listed your other pieces.
There are only three class D amp's I've come across yet that I'd consider truly up to par for two channel performance:

H2O Audio Signature 100
Spectron Musician III Mk2
Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2's (or 70.2's)

This is not to say that I have heard it all. There are probably other great products out there, but compared to the Channel Islands, Exodus, NuForce, Jeff Rowland, Bel Canto, etc.. the above three stand out particularly well to these ears.
I have heard, in chrono order over the years:
H2O 250 sig (early model - and it's the only one I haven't actually owned from this list).
Spectron M2
RedWine Sig 30
Nuforce Ref9 V2
Bel Canto S300
PS Audio A100
NHT Power2
Channel Islands D200

All have come and gone (but the H2O as it was never mine). Some lasted less than others, but the max was about 2 months. I'd put the CI D200 at the top. The H2O was good but it was a long time ago and I was less experienced then so I can't say for sure what I think of it.

Oh - I missed one - the Lyngdorf TDAI2200. I still own it (albeit it's been only 3 months) but I have stopped looking for amps, whereas it used to be that I'd be constantly on the prowl for a new amp. This is the most natural-sounding amp (well, it's more than an amp) and I NEVER find it compressing at loud volumes, or missing frequencies at low volumes, or sounding anything but 'just right' all the time. It reveals recordings quite well but not ruthlessly so; it does warm up the sound a *wee* bit. Just enough IMO.

For perspective: Have also owned a variety of budget to mid-level tube amps, mostly integrateds. No can do any more - if I ever went tubes again it would have to be on the high end, where I am given to understand they sound more like very good solid-state although I have not been privileged enough to hear any but the VTL Siegfrieds at a dealer demo once. Very nice but at $40K it better be.
I can second the Lyngdorf. Disclaimer I have an almost new one for sale at a rediculously low price. I found it competetive with the Ayre, Levinson amps I've owned in the past for a lot less $. At 200WPC it's not quite enough to drive my big hard to drive speakers. Seems like a high end bargain. Oh BTW the dealer locally also sells Nuforce and he says he prefers the Lyngdorf.
I have Nuforce 9 V2 SE which I like very much with a tubed preamp and VS VR 4 SR speakers. You are going to have to take all opinion with a grain of salt. This class amps have evolved so quickly that only comments about the latest models will represent the brand accurately. Also the amps are highly sensitive to vibration control, power cords and source, so these things will effect the opinions that you receive - but the newest renditions are worth checking out.
There is yet another entrant coming, this one by Axiom Audio, the A-1400-2 which to my ears is much better sounding than the Bel Canto ice power modules. I was lucky to get an early unit. Several differences contributing to the sound are the lack of feedback circuitry, massive 140,000mf capacitors, huge 1600kva transformer and dynamic allocation of power to each channel. Its been tested at over 1000wpc using a 15 amp circuit and much higher with a 20 amp line.
If you include used amps, I have and recommend the ARC 150.2. Similar to Jakeman's post about the Axiom Audio, the ARC has a huge power supply, and was only discontinued by ARC in 2006 when Tripath, who made the switching chip, went bankrupt. I find it interesting that all the published reviewers of the 150.2 loved it (one, reviewing the "big brother" 300.2 actually bought it for himself after reviewing it), while some "unpublished" (i.e. not the authors of the reviews) critiqued the high end. When I last looked there was at least one available in the SS amps "for sale" listing.
Colin heres another recommendation for Nuforce Ref series amps. Using the SE V2 version with the utmost of musical enjoyment. They will drive my Tyler Linbrook System with ease. Run cool, and sound very clear and clean. You will be hearing as mentioned above many different ideas from our audiogon group as this is a popularity question you asked.

Nuforce offers a in home trial and before you buy. I would audition in your home before you buy anything if possible. Good luck in you quest.