Which Classic Componets Would You Collect?

I asked this question in a different way in another thread and didn't get any responses. Because I'm a collector of many things, enjoy the hunt for new treasures, and have recently caught the audiophile bug, (I've purchased three tube components from Space-tech, the Sony SCD-777ES CD transport, Totem Wind speakers, Magnum Dynalab MD-90, Linn Sondek LP-12 and some other equipment) I would like to know what would you purchase for audio component(s) that either are already classics or that you believe will become classics and very collectable over the next ten to twenty years?

In this list, I would assume the Linn Sondek LP-12 would be considered a classic and because of this I'm also assuming that it's value as a piece will not diminish much over time. Maybe the Sony SCD-1 will fit in here, because I think that it was the first class A SACD player and may still be the best out there. I would be curious to see your choices.
Although you have some nice components already, I don't think any of them are or will be collectables-Maybe the LP-12. Right now, 50's & 60's tube audio are highly sought collectables-Certain model AR,KLH, Jensen JBL, Advent speakers. AR, Dual, Rek-o-kut turntables. KLH Radios, KLH phono combos. Pilot, Fisher, Mac, Scott, Marantz amps,rcvs & tuners (mono & stereo)are easily found on Ebay, Audiogon(sometimes)- prices can vary on condition etc. Right now, because prices are low ( bad economy),I would grab these pieces from the 50's/60's fast. They will only increase in value in the next 20 years. In 20 years, perhaps pieces like Rega 3, Vandersteen 2c, LS3/5, Cary amps, etc and basically any piece highly regarded by audiophiles MAYBE valuable collectables. I'm sure I've left out many other collectable pieces but I don't have the time to cover your question adequately here. Contact me if you want to continue the discussion....
Thank you Lolo for your response. I didn't list my equipment thinking any of it might be collectable in the future other than the Linn LP-12 having already attained that status.

Anyway, I would think, as you mentioned, the Marantz model 19 receiver would fit that category of collectable components from the 1970's. It comes down to condition, being critical. The unit may work but if it is beat cosmetically why buy it unless you want it for parts.

Do any of you just collect audio components for the sake of collecting? In other words buy it, put it on the shelf, probably not fire it up to play, but just admire the piece visually, with hopes of cashing in down the road when prices for the item are hot.
Well "Jcbach":

If I am were to purchase any components today that I think would destined to become classics over the next 10-to-20 years, then it would be the following.

(01). Vandersteen 2C Speaker System (any incarnation).

(02). McCormack DNA-0.5 Power-Drive Power Amplifier.

(03). McCormack TLC-1 Passive Line Stage.

(04). Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner (and I am fortunate to say that I currently own one..... THANK YOU, JESUS)

(05). conrad-johnson Tube Preamplifier (the PV series).

(06). Thorens TD-160(?) Turntable (this is the design that influenced the eventuall introduction of the Linn LP-12 Sondek).

(07). Rega Planar 3 (the original one).

(08). Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck.

(09). Nakamichi 1000 Cassette Deck.

(10). Sony SCD-1 SACD Player.

(11). Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD/SACD/CD Player.

(12). Nakamichi SR-4A Stereo Receiver (as far as I am concerned, this one is already a classic..... just like the Linn LP-12 Sondek, the Vandersteen 2 Speaker System, and the Magnum Dynalab Tuner).

I am sure there are others that deserve mentioning also. But these are the VERY components that I think will become classics in the next ten years or so. Some (like the Magnum Dynalab FT-101 Tuner, Vandersteen 2 Speaker System, the Thorens TD-160(?) Turntable, and the Rega Planar 3 Turntable) are already classics.

I like the classic FM tuners. They rival the very very best made today at a very small fraction of the cost.
Check out Stereophile's Hot 100 Products at http://www.stereophile.com/showarchives.cgi?709 from the magazine's fortieth anniversary issue (November 2002). It lists what the editors consider to be the 100 most notable products in the history of the high end. It includes popular classics I had forgotten.
I would collect the following:

Speakers: Spica TC-50 (not TC60), Klipshchorns (if I have the space). And speaker drivers from the 50-60s, like Goodmans, Tannoy, JBL, Altec, etc.

Preamp: Marantz tube and Counterpoint.

Amp: Vintage tube amps (Marantz and Mac) with simple circuitry. Music Reference, Counterpoint and Gaincard.

Turntable: Linn LP12

Tuner: None. Where I live there are no live broadcasts and the reception is bad and the quality of the broadcast itself is most times lousy. Also, satellite reception is on the horizon.

Cassette deck: None. Obsolete low quality technology with recordable cds already here. My car does not even have a cassette deck.

Cd or DVD players: None. This technology is constantly evolving like personal computers (which I would not collect either).
While I would agree that the LP12 is a classic, it is hardly collectable in the sense that it will increase in value. There are just too many of them out there, 10 of them for sale here today
I love the LP 12 but museum quality audio collectable should include Mint...
Marantz 10B
Original Mac Tube equiptment
Tube amps, Tuners , C22 preamp etc
Tandberg SS Audio including the 3001a
H.H. Scott Tube gear
Sequera FM Tuners
I think in years to come Audio research, Conrad Johnson and similar artistically built gear will be timeless classics
Probaly classic tuners, much as Sugarbrie said. there are many. there are also some interesting outfits that will 'update' these tuners and you get the best of both.
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Sonus Faber Amati Homage - not just a top-notch hi-fi component but fantastic workmanship and work of art....
I collect B&K ST-140's.I use three as a six channel and have a spare incase one dies.I love these things.
Well, I was pleased to see that I already own a couple of the products on the Stereophile list:

The Advent Loudspeaker
Thiel CS3.6
Adcom GFA-555(II) - I own two of these

It is also worth mentioning (again) that ebay has some pretty good deals on some of these collectible products. I picked up my Advents off ebay in good condition for a song, as well as a pair of AR-2AX's (which I would also consider collectible, but the Stereophile list mentioned the AR3, which arguably made a bigger impact).

I would also add that some of the Marantz receivers from the early '70's were and are some pretty impressive units for the money. I about keeled over when I asked my uncle over Christmas where his quadrophonic Marantz receiver was and he told me he threw it away! Well, needless to say, I told him that when he wants to throw out his Advents and KLH speakers, to let me know!

Hey Tom,I got two 555mkII's too.They power my subs(two Adire Tumults)What a deal for 400.00 used!

I agree. You can quote many amps that sound better than the GFA-555II, but how many of them are of a comparable price and comparable power? Not many at all. And they are built like tanks, too.

Later, Tom.